Maltese players in free-for-all fight in youth tournament

| Friday, July 9th, 2010 | 46 Comments »

According to reports in the Swedish and Norwegian media, police had to be called to stop a free-for-all fight in a game between a Maltese team and Norwegian side Verdal in a Swedish tournament – StorsjøCupen which is held in Östersund.

The Maltese team in question is one coming from a school and is playing under the name of Ilves Football School – Malta. The team is therefore not a registered football nursery.

It seems that an early goal by the Norwegian side sparked a serious of bad tackles by the Maltese players. At least three Maltese players were sent off. The referee stopped the match and further incidents took place with the match official being hit in the chest by a Maltese player by what was described as kung-fu and karate kicks in various reports.

Players, officials and spectators rushed onto the field of play and a free-for-all fight followed. Organisers had no option other than to call the police.

A 15-year-old player was arrested by police after the game on charges of assault. He was questioned on Friday afternoon but has now been released according to reports.

Also taking part in the tournament but in a different category is the Attard Football Nursery who however was not involved in any way whatsoever with this game or these incidents.


  1. malti pur says:

    tal misthija nuru min fejn ahna niskanta kif fadal daqsekk injoranza fdal pajjiz li mux kapacci niehdu telfa, flokk nistinkaw u nitrenjaw u nihdu laffarijiet bi serjetta iwaqaw isem pajjizna a cajt

  2. Anders Thelin says:

    Maltese players were spitting at the referee and finally one of the maltese players hit the referee with a kung-fu kick in the chest followed by a fist in the head. One of the maltese managers were sent off after constant yelling at the referee for the entire first half.

    The maltese team will be banned from the tournament for years to come

  3. John Qrendi says:

    Ghal hekk niehdu l-ewwel post ahna!! biex naqghu ghaz zufjett!! Dik id dixxiplina li hawn f dan il-pajjiz!

  4. supporter says:

    basta ed tparlaw intom … daw lafarijti saru min players kbar bhal maradona quwekk ed tiskantaw ax amluwom il maltin u intom ma tafux x’sar u gara f’dik il loba. intom laqwa li tmaqdru il maltin … malti pur jek int malti pur aqbez al pajjizek mux tikundanah minajr ma tafx xgara

  5. Anoymous says:

    As always maltese football at its best what a waste of time i spent 4 years with a nursery in malta after moving from England and I can honestly say that maltese coaches right from U6’s to first team coaches have absolutley no idea of how to play football or how to control a team inclusive of discipline Maltese football sort yourself out !!!

  6. tigra hamra u safra says:

    Tal Misthija, fejn ghandhi nifhem, suppost dawn jservu biex nghollu il livel tal football, pero nahseb tilfu rashom bil kbir, m ghandhux jkun hekk, pero nixtieq nisma iktar fuqha din il bicca u irrid narha il qappiena tan nahha l ohra (xgara ezatt lit team malti) pero qat ma naqbel ma dak li sar, nispera li l affarjiet jitrangaw, u nghaslu li nilghabu il Fair Play, pero John Qrendi mhux kullhadd fl istess keffa siehbi, ghax biex taqtgha line facli, u niex serji Maltin Hawn pero ma intghhomx importanza li tixtraqilhom, u nghidlek li ghanki ghamlu isem lil pajjizna imma sfortunatment ahna medijien b haddiehor u dak li hu taghna inmaqdruh, pero li tikritika facli jekk nibdew ahna l -ewwel nahseb inkunu ta ezempju

  7. ic-che says:

    @ Anonymous…
    You should have stayed in your country then…
    teaching Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard, Heskey, Terry & Co to move the ball around. And also not to spit on cameras (Rooney after the Algeria match) And your Goalkeepers how to handle the BALL!
    So please if you were not present do not comment. Thanks

  8. Ganni says:

    @Anonymous…Your memory must really be a very short one because you already forgot, your so called, HOOLIGANS. And what about the Heysel tragedy? And the 5 years suspension from UEFA Competitions imposed on all English clubs? And what about the West Ham v Milwall game in the League Cup? Be a hero and take your family to the Crystal Palace v Milwall game on 01/01/2011.And bdw you in England are not new to kung-fu performances in a football pitch…Sensei Eric Cantona gave a very memorable performance in London.Since childhood I have been following English football with great passion but your arrogance is simply ASTONISHING and that is why you never win a major tournament because you think you are the Football Gods.Just inject some HUMILITY pls. I am NOT, in any way defending the Maltese lads who were involved in trouble, but a foreigner posting such comments on a Maltese website is completely UNACCEPTABLE.

  9. E Vella says:

    @Anonymous… Maltese coaches have no idea of how to teach football?? first of all i do not agree. There are some very dedicated coaches and inteligent one’s who also obtained Licences A and B.

    But please don’t compare UK coaches with Maltese coaches. If I had the opportunity to coach on full time basis like UK coaches do, I would surely make a better job because I would have more time with players, In Malta we are limited, however I do think that we coach players at the best of our limited resources. Till the age of 15 years, we can compete with any foreign country in the world.

  10. Hibs says:

    Anonymous…. I hate foreigners coming to an other country and saying against it. Maltese coaches in nursury’s are very profesional in what they do.I dont think ALL COACHES in england are FERGOSONS or MORIHIO”s .. I can just imagine how many you have in England.
    However I dont agree what the Maltese team did in Sweden what ever must be profesional in the game.
    After all we are all humans and WE all make mistakes.

  11. HIBS says:

    @ anonymous Your level must be very poor if you stayed four years in Malta. Most probably you are one of those foreigners who cannot find a job in his country because he is not up to standard. I am not in favour of this kind of reaction from maltese players however I can assure that it is a one off event and nurseries are doing a great job in Malta even without your service.

  12. Jonathan Bianco says:

    I hope that this incident will jerk our football authorities to finally wake up to the rerality that our young players cannot keep on with their antics and expect to improve their skills. I am a regular at every week-end youth matches and unfortunately the level of yob culture namongst the players and their parents is disgusting.

    Expressions such as kissierilu saqajh, verbal abuse and insults and pay back tackles etc etc are the order of the day. I have sent countless e-mails to the YFA and the MFA to introduce a simple rule which will ban any youth player from playing football if their parents or relatives are present once they have been given a warning. The mentality seems to be kill or be killed – hatred absolute.. Its all coming from an uneducated generation of parents and coaches – a change in discipline HAS TO BE INTRODUCED.

  13. Matt says:

    @ anonymous I actually live in your country and I know about all the egos UK clubs have! So don’t come here and point fingers at us Maltese.

    At least our football is seeking development and went forward in the past years. Your football has been going down and down and right now is in shambles. British honour, standard, pride, diplomacy, acceptability, improvement….WHERE IS IT?

  14. David Bezzina says:

    L-incidenti huma tal-misthija pero’ affarijiet bhal dawn jigru kullimkien u mhux ghax ghamluhom Maltin qisu grat xi tragedja nazzjonali.
    Minn zbalja,se jpatti tieghu.

  15. John says:

    I have my son playing in the same tournament in Sweeden but at the U11 category. When i called the teacher who i must say he is very professional in his job, he told me that the case is being blown out of proportion. So it’s better that we hear the maltese contigent version first before we judge…..

    John Camilleri

  16. M. Farrugia says:

    Disgusting! Tal-Misthija. Immishom jisthu dawn it-tip ta’ coaches! Irridux imewtu l-affari issa! Prosit x’taghlim ghat-tfal taghna!

  17. hibsforever says:

    FL opinjoni tieghi il YFA ghand tiehu hsieb dawn il qabda football schools li ma jaqu taht responsabbilita ta hadd . Mhux sew li mhabba forsi mgieba hazina ta xi uhud min dawn l iskejjel jehlu in nurseries

  18. hibsforever says:

    jEKK veru zbaljaw min issa se jiehu passi dixxiplinari kontrihom ? Hadd ghax mhumiex taht responsabbilita ta hadd

  19. Jonathan B says:

    Jekk Joghobkomm, minflokk taqbdu ma annonymous mhux ahjar nipruvaw naraw li ghandna problem serja fil futbal malti u specjalment fil-youth sections fejn ikun hemm abuzz kontinwu. Il problema jigi mil-genituri cowboys li jahsbu li il-loghba tal futball huwa gwerra.

  20. fatatu says:

    kung fu karate kickk loool

  21. Ryan says:

    mela qatt ma rajtu football internazzjonali jew? xi south america jew hekk….

  22. il-Kbir says:

    mhux ahjar nalqu naqa halqna u nistenew li nisimaw il-qanpina l-ohra… l-affari edin inkabruwa iz-zejjed… biex gara li gara irid ikun min 2 nahat jekk huma resqu in-nar lejn it-tiben bilfors hekk jigri… hafna mil-baranin li jilabu mana il-maltin jilbu b certu superjorita ghax jahsbu li huma l-ahjar dan nafu ghax kemm il-darba labt friendly’s ma timijiet barani imma bid-diferenza meta tinqala ”A FREE FOR ALL FIGHT” hawn MALTA fi friendly ma tim barrani ahna ma nezegerwix u ingibuwa fuq it-tv u gazzetti….

  23. malti pur 2 says:

    accidenti bhal dawn huma kkundannabli, isiru minn min isiru.izda min kien responsabli mminn dawn z-zaghzaghh ghandu jwiegeb u jghati spjegazjoni ta dak li gara. morru araw xi loghob fis-settur taz zaghzagh u kultant titbelhu bl-imgieba tal-misthija ta certu gennituri u kultant anke coaches. tipretendu li certu loghob ta U15 u U17 irid ikun hemm prezenza tal-pulizija bilfors! ejja nammettu hbieb li bhala imgieba ta certu gennituri, ghadna hafna hafna l-boghod milli wiehed jixtieq. barra minn malta rari tara football ta U15 jew izghar fi ground imdawwar bil-fence u gates imsakra, malta l-anqas noholmu li ma jkollniex fence ghax nofs l-loghob anqas jitkompla.

  24. Karina Borg says:

    Kulhadd iwahhal fil-genituri, kull ma kien hemm mat-team zewg genituri biss – li nahseb kienu ma l- under 12 u mhux ma l-under 15. Ahseb u ara kemm kienu huma li sahhnu t-tfal. Lanqas ghandkhom ideja minn huma l-coaches, irgiel tal-familja u ta’ l-affari taghhom immens. Kienu sfortunati li dahhlu f’din l-istorja. Ahjar nismu x’gara ezatt meta jigu lura.

  25. malti pur says:

    ejjew namettu li itfal maltin mux dixiplinati, hlif zijejl u skuzi ma ngibux bix niskuzaw tal hazin li jamlu, fejna id-dixxiplina flisports? barra min malta min irrid jaqbad karrira ta footballer imur go soccerschool izda mux bdal mod xejn professjonali li ana awn malta, barra min malta soccer school tamel 8 sijat kulljum fejn mux biss titalem il loba tal football izda titalem sugetti akademici ukoll, ax dawn isoccer schools ma jsirux listess u fijom jinzamu biss tfal prometenti al football mux li gie gie u li awn awn mux bhal ma qedin bhalisa li laqwa li ihalsu il mizatta

  26. sandro says:


  27. hibs ultras 07 says:

    at least they had some fighting spirit !!

    remember the game of ferencvaros vs hamrun last year …
    they are professional but they have fighting spirit.
    i am sure that the case is being blown out of proportion.
    when we play against foreigners they give us hard tackles all the time and they play rough so what is all the noise you guys are making its football not a game of chess !!

  28. Anders Thelin says:


    I watched the match and nothing has been blown out of proportion. Three players and the coach sent off plus the officals having to call the police speaks for itself. The referee himself commented that hadn’t the parents of the Norwegian players come to his rescue he would probably ended up in a hospital bed.

  29. fairplay says:

    Kumment tal misthija min hibs ultras 07 Mhux ta bxejn xi uhud mit tfal huma indixxiplinati Iva fighting spirit ghax tattakka ir referee Prosit

  30. Jesmond Moore says:

    Hbieb. ma rridx niggustifika l-incidenti li gara waqt il-loghba msemmija. Izda niddejjaq nisma’ kritika fuq il-Maltin meta ghadna ma nafux ezatt x’gara. Kulhadd qal tieghu izda x’inhi ezzattament il-verita? Ghadni kif qrajt il-kummenti (fuq gurnal lokali) ta’ genitur Malti li kien prezenti. Dak li qal kien kompletament differenti minn dak li gie rrapportat minn gurnali Skandinavi … u ejjew nghiduha kif inhi …. x’seta gara biex ir-referi kecca hames plejers Maltin f’kategorija bhal dik ta’ Taht il-15-il sena!!!! Kif nista nifhem l-inkwiet kien konsegwenza tal-eventwalita tal-kontroll tar-referi.
    Hbieb ejjew ma nghagglux fid-decizjonijiet u fil-postings taghna ghax hadd minna ma kien prezenti – kulhadd qed jikteb fuq li sema’ u ghaldaqstant qed nigu kkundizzjonati mir-rapporti. Li hu zgur huwa li dawn il-gurnali Skandinavi hammgu lil Malta bir-rapporti taghhom.
    Nixtieq naghmel appell biex lil dawk il-barranin li qed jaghmlu l-postings taghhom ninjorawhom ghal kollox u min jaghmel xi posting, jaghmlu bil-Malti ghax wara kollox mhix affari taghhom!!

  31. marioi mifsud says:

    Il-hazin huwa hazin dejjem, jaghmlu minn jaghmlu. Ejjew inhallu l-gudizzju f’idejn min hu kompetenti, u l-hati jrid ipatti ta’ ghemilu. Pero ghandi mistoqsija. Mela f’tournaments barra minn malta jigu mistiedna clubs li m’humiex affiljati man-nurseries lokali? Xi hadd jista’ iwiegeb? Grazzi

  32. fairplay says:

    Iva sur Mifsud sfortunament hafna taparsi clubs taz zaghzah qed jinbtu kulljum kollha mohom biex jaqilghu il flus . Dawn il clubs ma huma ikkontrollati min hadd u hadd ma jista jghamel dixxiplina fuqhom Dawn ma jigux mistiedna imma japplikaw biex jippartecipaw fejn jaraw tournaments

  33. A.R.Pace says:

    Ma nistghux nigu ghal konkluzjonijiet malajr . Bil moghod naraw fuq ir-rapporti. Minn huwa imexxi issa ghadha sewwa z-zmien sabiex jiddeciddi dwar it-taparsi hafna skejjel u akademji li ma jaghmlu ma hadd hlief li xi uhud jaghmlu l-flus. L-M.F.A. u L Y.F.A. fejn qeghda? Ma Nureserie is-serjeta ? Kemm nifilhu skejjel ? X’inhuma l-kwalifikki ta minn imexxihom. X’Inhu l-ikop? Euros ? Biex taghmel skola irrid ikun hemm il-permess minghand Minn? Issa smajna li xi hadd li ghadu ma qalax LIRA mill football sejjer jarma skola minn eta ta hames snin. Bhal hafna nahseb li dan u dan BISS jista jaghmel hekk fil-futur qarib. Forsi ghalek kien hemm progett ta Dusan Fitzel gie zarmatt. Sewwa kienu qalu ftit ilu l-ewwel pass sehh is it-tieni halli l-istess hluq ikunu kielu kollox. Fejn huma n-NURSERIES qabel tnejn minn nies ifarkukom ghax ghal maltin li thallas hafna biss tajjeb.

  34. Jonathan Bianco says:

    @Jesmond Moore. Jes, Ghandek ragun titkellem hekk, imma kemm il-loghba attendejt inti fil YOUTH Football hawn Malta? Sfortunatament kemm illi natendi dawn il lohghbiet ( mil-inqas ghal dawn l-ahhar 16 is-sena ), anke f-etajiet ta’ taht it-tmien snin, hlief dagha, kliem baxx, attegjament totali kontra kull decizjoni tal referee, tajjir,glied u insulti, u kummenti neggativi bhal, kissierihlu sajajh etc etc ma tismax. Jekk il YFA mhuwiex sejjer jiehu decizzjoniiet horox kontra kull min jirovina il-pjacir ta’ haddiehor, mahniex sejrin nimxu il-quddiem. Biex tasal fil futbol hawn Malta mhux talent ghandek bzonn imma trid tkun bully, jew missierek ikun bully, jew tilghab ma xi tim li juzaw il-vjolenza bhala tatica! Ghalhekk hafna materjal prezzjuz jintilef ghax nies li jhobbu il-fair play u jixtiequ jiehdu pjacir jaraw loghba mhumix jithalew jgawdu il-loghba.

  35. Karina Borg says:

    Kieku tant iggieldu ghal nofs siegha dan ir-referee kien jirefja loghba wara siegha? Nahseb kien imur d-dar jew l-isptar jistrieh. Ghaliex ghandna nweggu bil-kummenti taghna. Fuq gurnal lokali xi hadd qal li loghba ghanda tigi abbandunata jekk tkun b’ inqas minn 8 players imma dan ma sarx. Il-kummeti tan nies fuq il-gurnali huma tal-biza. Hazin jibqa hazin pero li bniedem jizbalja wara provokazzjoni u nitratawh ta’ kriminal hija hazina ukoll. Kif qal is-Sur Moore ahsbu qabel tiktbu.

  36. joseph says:

    Il problema ta dawn it tfal huma l-genituri ghax it-tfal jahsbuhom Maradona min eta zghira.. mhux ahjar thalluhom jilghabu l futbol mhux tindahhlu f kollox… x ma jaghmlux arja it tfal fil-grawnd,,,

  37. joseph says:

    @ Karina… Int genitur u zgur tmur il grawnds biex tara it tfal tieghek jighabu… Ahjar tammetti li l arja li jaghtuhom lit tfal il genituri hija tal biza… Pulizija fil-leagues tal-yfa hemm bzonnhom??? tad dahk… Inti taf li iva……. ejja ammetti…

  38. Jonathan Bianco says:

    Malti pur 2 qal sewwa – ghaliex loghbiet tal u15 u17 rridu jintlaghbu f’grawnds li ghandhom fencing bejn il-genituri u il -timijiet. Dan jindika marda serja.. Ejjew ma ninstahbewx wara skuzi .. ghandna problema serja u nisperaw din l-episodju jghin biex nibdew nedukaw il-genituri l-ewwel u qabel kollox. Ma jistax ikun li it-tfal taghna jigu suggetti ghal abbuzz verbali u vjolenti meta huma suppost qedghin jilghabu sports. Ma jistax ikun li it- tfal ,jigu mgeghelin jwegghew lil opponent, u juru mibgheda kbira lejn l-avversarju. Imma ahna sfortunatmant il -kultura taghna huwa kultura tal konfrontazzjoni..narawha fil-politika, fil festi religjuzi u fil-futbol.. jekk l-affarijiet ma jmorrux kif irridu ahna, mela ejjew nirovinaw il-pjacir ta haddiehor.

  39. supporter says:

    kulhadd jaf ipallla ax it tfal ma andomx dixxiplina … mela investu fit tfal mux fil BARRANIN!

  40. John says:

    Kif diga ghidt qabel jien ma kontx hemm pero kelli t tifel f kategorija ohra, Referees tal misthija mill bidu tat tournament, Linesman ixejjer offside ghat team malti u r referee jhalli l loghob ghaddej u din grat kemm il darba kontra t team malti. Fil loba msemmija t team malti kien superjuri ghat team avversarju u r referee ghamel minn kollox biex it tfal jitlifilom rasom. Tahsbux li qed niggudika l vjolenza li saret tafux pero kull bniedem tad demm u l laham taqbizlu meta jsiru dawn l affarijiet. Taf x naf inhid li hawn min jahtaf l okkazjoni biex jipprova jhammar wicc il Maltin ghall kull haga ta xejn. U mbaghad ahna meta naraw xi team barrani nilghaquh. Ghajb ghalina kemm ahna patrijotti,,,

  41. Jonathan Bianco says:

    @ John, jekk li qieghed tghid inti huwa veru u mhux sempliciment
    cover up, jista jkun li forsi plajer jaqbizlu. Pero is-soluzjoni kien ikun li il-tim johrog mil grownd u jaghmel protesta mal-organizzaturi – qatt n’hemmm post u lok ghal vjolenza aktar u aktar mil-cowches. Jiena kemm id-darba siefiert mat timijiet taz-zghar, sentejn ilu konna is-Serbia u ir-refferee
    kecca plejer tal-avversarji, il-genituri tat-tim Serb hargu ghar-refferee u tawh xebba. Huma sostnew li ir-refferre kien kontrihom, ahna bdejna naraw id-decizzjoniet tajbin. It-tim w il Cowches Serbiani keccew lil dawk il-genituri u it-tfal taghhom mit tim. Ahna wisq niehdu ghalina malajr u nahsbu li kulhadd kontrinna. Mill espewrjenza personalli ta 16 is-sena nsegwi il-youth football hawn Malta, nista nghid li ghanda problema ta karattru li qieghed jirovina il-futbull. Mil-eta zghira U8 – diga tara mibgheda fit tfal u tisma u tara affarijiet X rated. Ejjew ma nipruvawx naghtu il-hazin – nuzaw dil-ezperjenja biex nghinu it-tfal taghna jizvilupaw il Karratru u nibdew bis-serjeta nindirrizaw il problemi serju li hemm.

  42. Jonathan Bianco says:

    @supporter, Il-klabbs Maltin investew bil kbir. Ghal pajjiz zghir li ahna, il-grownds li ghandhom it-tfal fejn jiehdu pjacir huwa incredibbli. Hafna nies jaghtu mil hin taghhom biex jghinu il-klabb taghhom,pero qadd hemm hafna nies wkoll li jaghmlu hsara lit tfal u il-klabbs. Ahna il-genituri ghanda inkunu nafu li il gid tat tfal huwn f-idejna – manistawx nibghu naraw sal ponta ta mniehirna biss. Irridu naghlmu it-tfal li trid titlef bl-unur imma dan ikun impossibli meta ahna il-genituri nuru ezempju iehor. Personalment nahseb il YFA ghandu johrog regolamenti streti a guidelines fejn klabb irrid jiehu responsabillta tal-genituri billi genitur li-ikun rasu shuna jew
    vjolenti ma jkunx jista jattendi ghal loghob, u jekk dan ikun prezenti mela il-tifel tieghu/taghha ( iva anke in nisa, kwazi ghar )ma jistux jilghabu. Irridu nibdew b’warning u wara sospenzzjoni. Qabel is-stagun il-genituri kollha ghandhiom jigu avvzati li il-klabb ma jitollerax abbuzz, dagha, kliem baxx, tajjir u vjolenza. Qabel kollox ma ninsewx li ahna nsara u ahwa Maltin.

  43. John says:

    Kif ghidt diga qabel jien nikkundanna l vjolenza ta kull tip issir minn min issir. fl ebda mument ma ridt niggustifika dak li sar. Jien li ghidt hu li mhux facli ghal tfal ta 15 il sena jaraw dik il viljakkerija kollha kontrihom u jibqghu passivi. Jien ikkowcjajt hafna kategoriji u naf li l players taghna ta certu eta taqbzilom ftit izzejjed pero rajt barranin ukoll, fejn anke lghabt kontrihom jobzqu lir referee u jimbuttawh ghal semplici decizjoni li dehrilom li marret kontihom. U dan kollu f semliciment friendly tournaments.

  44. fairplay says:

    meta se nisimghu il verzjoni ta min kien ewsponsabbli . Issa ilhom granet hawn malta u skiet perfett . Se nemmnu il gazzetti barranin ?

  45. A.Thorne says:

    Nahseb li qabel tparlaw u tohorgu stqarrijiet kemm f’gazzetti kif ukoll fuq it-televizjoni tiddeploraw, tikkundannaw, tistmerru, tikritkaw u tmaqdru lill dawn iz-zaghzagh maltin.tridu taraw ezatt x’gara. Hija tal-misthija l-arroganza li certu nies li jissejhu gurnalisti hargu jattakkaw erbat’it-tfal. Dawn it-tfal li kienu qed jikkompetu f’dan it-tournament waslu sal-play offs minghajr telfa (3 rebhiet u draw) kontra tim tal-lokal, u hemm inqala l-inkwiet kollu ghax ir-referee ried jelimina l-iskwadra maltija, sahansitra f’din il-loghba kien hemm erbgha tkeccijiet. dawn gew fuq protesti mar-referee ghall-protesti fuq loghob goff , penalty car imcahhad lill-players maltin, protesti fuq goal min pozizzjoni ta offside car b’zewg metri. wara l-loghba kien hemm ritaljazzjoni minn naha tal-kontingent malti u dan bilfors ghax it-tfal sofrew eliminazzjoni skorretta minhabba dan l-imbecilli ta referee.

    jien mhux qed nikteb biex niggustifika lill-xi tfal, parents u coaches izda mhux sew li kulhadd jitfa -tajn u tippozaw daqs li kontu l-appostli.

  46. fairplay says:

    Mr Thorne nimmagina li kont hemm Tajtna dettal ta l izbalji tar referee imma ma chadtx xejn milli qalu il gazzetti dawr l imgieba tal tfal maltin il genituri u l ufficjali