Easter festival for girls held at Centenary Stadium

Another edition of the popular girls’ 5-a-side football festival organised by the Malta Football Association with the help of National Coach, Pierre Brincat and his assistant Mark Gatt, was held on Easter Monday, 5th April at the Centenary Stadium, Ta Qali. Similar football festivals for girls are also held during the Christmas period.

Seven teams took part in the Under-13 category and five in the Under-11 category, as follows:
Under-13s: Lija/Iklin, Hamrun Spartans, Xaghra United (Gozo), Hibernians, Tarxien Rainbows, Mgarr United, Kirkop United.
Under-11s: St. Catherine’s, Tarxien Rainbows, Xaghra United, Lija/Iklin, Mgarr United.

These festival serves as an excellent opportunity for the national coaches to follow closely the upcoming girls in the various nurseries to enhance further on the junior sector at National Level.

Hereunder are the results of the day’s matches.
Under 13s:
Mgarr vs Kirkop 3-2
Kirkop vs Tarxien 0-6
Tarxien vs Lija 1-4
Hibs vs Xaghra 2-2
Xaghra vs Hamrun 0-1
Hamrun vs Tarxien 1-0
Kirkop vs Hibs 0-2
Lija vs Mgarr 3-1
Mgarr vs Hamrun 0-4
Tarxien vs Hibs 0-1
Tarxien vs Xaghra 2-3
Xaghra vs Mgarr 4-0
Hibs vs Lija 0-4
Lija vs Kirkop 9-0
Kirkop vs Hamrun 0-1
Hibs vs Mgarr 2-0
Mgarr vs Tarxien 1-4
Xaghra vs Kirkop 4-1
Hamrun vs Hibs 1-1
Hamrun vs Lija 0-1
Lija vs Xaghra 0-2

Under 11s:
Lija vs Xaghra 2-4
Xaghra vs St. Catherine’s 0-3
St. Catherine’s vs Tarxien 1-1
St. Catherine’s vs Mgarr 7-0
Xaghra vs Mgarr 3-1
Mgarr vs Lija 0-3
Lija vs St. Catherine’s 0-2
Tarxien vs Xaghra 3-0
Mgarr vs Tarxien 3-0
Tarxien vs Lija 3-2

St. Catherine’s Under-11