FA Trophy



The F.A. Trophy was a gift of the English F.A. in 1933. This followed a match between England and Italy, played in Rome in May 1933, to where a number of pro-British Maltese supporters travelled to support the English side. In recognition, the Football Association donated a silver trophy to be played on the model of the F.A. Cup. This competition is now played on a knock-out basis between all clubs within the Malta Football Association and the Gozo Football Association.

 WinnersLosing Finalists
Sliema Wanderers2120 *
Hamrun Spartans64 **
Rabat Ajax11
Gzira U. 10
St. George’s02
Senglea Athletic01
Msida St. Joseph01

1935Sliema Wanderers vs Floriana 4-0
1936Sliema Wanderers vs Floriana 2-1
1937Sliema Wanderers vs St. George’s 2-0
1938Floriana vs Sliema Wanderers 2-1
1939Melita vs Sliema Wanderers 4-0
1940Sliema Wanderers vs Melita 3-2
1945Floriana vs Sliema Wanderers 2-1
1946Sliema Wanderers vs Hamrun Spartans 2-1
1947Floriana vs Valletta 3-0
1948Sliema Wanderers vs Hibernians 2-2 (aet), 1-0 (replay)
1949Floriana vs Sliema Wanderers 5-1
1950Floriana vs St. George’s 3-1
1951Sliema Wanderers vs Hibernians 5-0
1952Sliema Wanderers vs Hibernians 3-3 (aet), 1-1 (replay aet), 1-0 (2nd replay)
1953Floriana vs Sliema Wanderers 1-0 (aet)
1954Floriana vs Rabat Ajax 5-1
1955Floriana vs Sliema Wanderers 1-0
1956Sliema Wanderers vs Floriana 1-0
1957Floriana vs Valletta 2-0
1958Floriana vs Sliema Wanderers 2-0
1959Sliema Wanderers vs Valletta 1-1 (aet), 1-0 (replay)
1960Valletta vs Floriana 3-0
1961Floriana vs Hibernians 2-0
1962Hibernians vs Valletta 1-0
1963Sliema Wanderers vs Hibernians 2-0
1964Valletta vs Sliema Wanderers 1-0
1965Sliema Wanderers vs Floriana 4-2
1966Floriana vs Hibernians 2-1
1967Floriana vs Hibernians 1-0
1968Sliema Wanderers vs Hibernians 3-2 (aet)
1969Sliema Wanderers vs Hamrun Spartans 3-1
1970Hibernians vs Valletta 2-1
1971Hibernians vs Sliema Wanderers 1-1 (aet), 2-0
1972Floriana vs Sliema Wanderers 3-1
1973Gzira United vs Birkirkara 0-0 (aet), 0-0 (replay aet), 2-0
1974Sliema Wanderers vs Floriana 1-0
1975Valletta vs Hibernians 1-0
1976Floriana vs Valletta 2-0
1977Valletta vs Floriana 1-0
1978Valletta vs Floriana 3-2
1979Sliema Wanderers vs Floriana 2-1
1980Hibernians vs Sliema Wanderers 2-1
1981Floriana vs Senglea Athletics 2-1
1982Hibernians vs Sliema Wanderers 2-0
1983Hamrun Spartans vs Valletta 2-0
1984Hamrun Spartans vs Zurrieq 0-0 (aet), 1-0 (replay aet)
1985Zurrieq vs Valletta 0-0 (aet), 2-1
1986Rabat Ajax vs Zurrieq 2-0
1987Hamrun Spartans vs Sliema Wanderers 2-1
1988Hamrun Spartans vs Floriana 4-2
1989Hamrun Spartans vs Floriana 1-0
1990Sliema Wanderers vs Birkirkara 1-0
1991Valletta vs Sliema Wanderers 2-1 (aet)
1992Hamrun Spartans vs Valletta 3-3 (aet), 2-1 (replay)
1993Floriana vs Sliema Wanderers 5-0
1994Floriana vs Valletta 2-1
1995Valletta vs Hamrun Spartans 1-0 (aet)
1996Valletta vs Sliema Wanderers 0-0 (aet), 1-0 (replay)
1997Valletta vs Hibernians 2-0
1998Hibernians vs Valletta 2-1
1999Valletta vs Birkirkara 1-0 aet
2000Sliema Wanderers vs Birkirkara 4-1
2001Valletta vs Birkirkara 3-0
2002Birkirkara vs Sliema Wanderers 1-0
2003Birkirkara vs Sliema Wanderers 1-0
2004Sliema Wanderers vs Marsaxlokk 2-0
2005Birkirkara vs Msida St. Joseph 2-1
2006Hibernians vs Floriana 1-0
2007Hibernians vs Sliema Wanderers 2-1 aet
2008Birkirkara vs Hamrun Spartans 2-1
2009Sliema Wanderers vs Valletta 3-3 aet (4-3 pen)
2010Valletta vs Qormi 2-1
2011Floriana vs Valletta 1-0
2012Hibernians vs Qormi 3-1
2013Hibernians vs Qormi 3-1
2014Valletta vs Sliema Wanderers 1-0
2015Birkirkara vs Hibernians 2-0
2016Sliema Wanderers vs Balzan 0-0 (5-4 pen)
2017Floriana vs Sliema W. 2-0
2018Valletta vs Birkirkara 2-1
2019Balzan vs Valletta 4-4 aet (5-4 pen)
2020not completed due to COVID-19 pandemic
2021not completed due to COVID-19 pandemic
2022Floriana vs Valletta 2-1 aet