The first championship that was organised on the island was held in 1909. The first contestants were the Boys’ Empire League, Floriana, Malta University, St. Joseph’s United and Sliema Wanderers. The title was won by Floriana. This success was repeated for three successive seasons. Hamrun Spartans in 1914 broke Floriana’s domination to win their first championship. Up to 1919, the title changed hands each year with Valletta United, St. George’s and the King’s Own Malta regiment winning the championship. Between 1919 and 1940, the championship was always a matter of the ‘Old Firm’, Floriana and Sliema Wanderers, except for 1931-32 when Valletta United won the league.

Following World War II, the league format became more stable. However Floriana and Sliema were still dominant, sharing the titles between 1948 and 1958. In 1960, Hibernians won the championship for the first time and one year later, Maltese clubs started participating in the UEFA club competitions. The Old Firm’s dominion was broken with Valletta and Hibernians winning several championships. The 1980’s saw a newcomer to elite soccer, Rabat Ajax winning the championship consecutively for two years.

In the 90’s, the championship once again became a matter of the big clubs: Valletta, Floriana, Sliema, Hamrun and Hibernians. But with the start of the new millennium, Birkirkara were declared champions for the first time. Marsaxlokk also won their first ever title in 2007.

Season Champions Runners-Up
1909/10 Floriana Sliema Wanderers
1910/11 No competition held
1911/12 Floriana Hamrun Spartans
1912/13 Floriana Hamrun Spartans
1913/14 Hamrun Spartans St. George’s
1914/15 Valletta United Hamrun Spartans
1915/16 No competition held
1916/17 St. George’s Sliema Wanderers
1917/18 Hamrun Spartans St. George’s
1918/19 King’s Own Malta Regiment Hamrun United
1919/20 Sliema Wanderers Hamrun Spartans
1920/21 Floriana Marsa United
1921/22 Floriana Sliema Wanderers
1922/23 Sliema Wanderers Floriana
1923/24 Sliema Wanderers Vittoriosa Stars
1924/25 Floriana Sliema Wanderers
1925/26 Sliema Wanderers Floriana
1926/27 Floriana Sliema Wanderers
1927/28 Floriana Valletta United
1928/29 Floriana Sliema Wanderers
1929/30 Sliema Wanderers St. George’s
1930/31 Floriana Sliema Wanderers
1931/32 Valletta United Sliema Wanderers
1932/33 Sliema Wanderers Hibernians
1933/34 Sliema Wanderers Hibernians
1934/35 Floriana Sliema Wanderers
1935/36 Sliema Wanderers Floriana
1936/37 Floriana Hibernians
1937/38 Sliema Wanderers Floriana
1938/39 Sliema Wanderers Melita
1939/40 Sliema Wanderers St. George’s
1940/44 No competition held
1944/45 Valletta Sliema Athletics
1945/46 Valletta Sliema Athletics
1946/47 Hamrun Spartans Valletta
1947/48 Valletta Hamrun Spartans
1948/49 Sliema Wanderers Hamrun Spartans
1949/50 Floriana Hamrun Spartans
1950/51 Floriana Hibernians
1951/52 Floriana Hamrun Spartans
1952/53 Floriana Birkirkara
1953/54 Sliema Wanderers Floriana
1954/55 Floriana Sliema Wanderers
1955/56 Sliema Wanderers Floriana
1956/57 Sliema Wanderers Valletta
1957/58 Floriana Sliema Wanderers
1958/59 Valletta Sliema Wanderers
1959/60 Valletta Hibernians
1960/61 Hibernians Valletta
1961/62 Floriana Valletta
1962/63 Valletta Hibernians
1963/64 Sliema Wanderers Valletta
1964/65 Sliema Wanderers Valletta
1965/66 Sliema Wanderers Floriana
1966/67 Hibernians Sliema Wanderers
1967/68 Floriana Sliema Wanderers
1968/69 Hibernians Floriana
1969/70 Floriana Sliema Wanderers
1970/71 Sliema Wanderers Marsa
1971/72 Sliema Wanderers Floriana
1972/73 Floriana Sliema Wanderers
1973/74 Valletta Hibernians
1974/75 Floriana Sliema Wanderers
1975/76 Sliema Wanderers Floriana FC
1976/77 Floriana Sliema Wanderers
1977/78 Valletta Hibernians
1978/79 Hibernians Valletta
1979/80 Valletta Sliema Wanderers
1980/81 Hibernians Sliema Wanderers
1981/82 Hibernians Sliema Wanderers
1982/83 Hamrun Spartans Valletta/Rabat Ajax
1983/84 Valletta Rabat Ajax
1984/85 Rabat Ajax Hamrun Spartans
1985/86 Rabat Ajax Hibernians
1986/87 Hamrun Spartans Valletta
1987/88 Hamrun Spartans Sliema Wanderers
1988/89 Sliema Wanderers Valletta
1989/90 Valletta Sliema Wanderers
1990/91 Hamrun Spartans Valletta
1991/92 Valletta Floriana
1992/93 Floriana Hamrun Spartans
1993/94 Hibernians Floriana
1994/95 Hibernians Sliema W.
1995/96 Sliema Wanderers Valletta
1996/97 Valletta Birkirkara
1997/98 Valletta Birkirkara
1998/99 Valletta Birkirkara
1999/2000 Birkirkara Sliema W.
2000/01 Valletta Sliema W.
2001/02 Hibernians Sliema W.
2002/03 Sliema W. Birkirkara
2003/04 Sliema W. Birkirkara
2004/05 Sliema W. Birkirkara
2005/06 Birkirkara Sliema W.
2006/07 Marsaxlokk Sliema W.
2007/08 Valletta Marsaxlokk
2008/09 Hibernians Valletta
2009/10 Birkirkara Valletta
2010/11 Valletta Floriana
2011/12 Valletta Hibernians
2012/13 Birkirkara Hibernians
2013/14 Valletta Birkirkara
2014/15 Hibernians Valletta
2015/16 Valletta Hibernians
2016/17 Hibernians Balzan
2017/18 Valletta Balzan
2018/19 Valletta Hibernians