Youth FA appoints new boards and sub-committees

During the first meeting of the Council of the Youth Football Association for season 2011/12, the boards and sub committees, were formed and approved, as listed below.

Drastic changes were made to the Disciplinary Board in order to continue to highlight the Youth FA’s position against any sort of violence in the beautiful game. New Competition Rules were also approved to give more authority to the same board and the Council itself, in disciplinary decisions.

Chairman: Fr. Hilary Tagliaferro
Joe Cassar, Robert Attard, Joe Micallef and Alfred Cacciottolo

President: Fr. Hilary Tagliaferro
Vice Presidents: Joe Cassar and Robert Attard
General Secretary: Joe Micallef
Honorary Treasurer: Alfred Cacciottolo
Neutral Members: Emanuel Agius, Charles Farrugia, Charles Bugeja, Joe Pace, Francis Zammit
Members: Perit Godwin Aquilina (St. Venera), Mark Bondin (Mqabba), Henry Bray (Birkirkara), Charles Cassar (Rabat Ajax), Mario De Battista (Luxol St.Andrews)
Spiritual Director: Fr. Joe Abela
Observer: Joe Mallia

MFA Council Members: Joe Micallef, Francis Zammit
MFA Executive Member: Joe Micallef

MFA Delegate: Fr. Hilary Tagliaferro
1st substitute delegate: Alfred Cacciottolo
2nd substitute delegate: Robert Attard

Secretariat: Robert Attard, Joe Micallef, Joe Pace (Duty officer), Charles Bugeja (Duty officer), Francis Zammit (Fixture officer), Ilaria Gauci, Kelly Busuttil

Media Department
Head of Media: Robert Attard
Media Officer: Francis Zammit
Association official photographer: Stephen Gatt.

Association Web site: Robert Attard

League & Competitions Fixtures Board
Chairman: Robert Attard
Fixtures officer: Francis Zammit
Secretary: Joe Micallef
Member: Henry Bray.

Officer in charge of Ground Inspectors: Godwin Aquilina
Officer in charge of ID Cards: Joe Pace
Officers in charge of grounds: Robert Attard, Alfred Cacciottolo, Joe Micallef.

GATORADE Festivals Sub-Committee
Under-9 Fun Football Events
Chairman: Alfred Cacciottolo
Vici-Chairman: Joe Mallia
Secretary: Mario De Battista.
Fixtures officer: Francis Zammit
Members: Emanuel Agius, Joe Pace, Godwin Aquilina, Saviour Bianchi, Mark Bondin, Charles Cassar.

Under-13 Inhobb il-Futbol Sub-Committee
Chairman: Robert Attard
Secretary: Joe Micallef
Members: Alfred Cacciottolo, Henry Bray, Mario De Battista, Joe Pace, Charles Farrugia, Godwin Aquilina.

Amendments to Competition Rules/Statutes Board
Chairman: Robert Attard.
Secretary: Joe Micallef
Members: Joe Mallia, Francis Zammit, Joe Pace, Charles Cassar, Mario De Battista, Henry Bray

The Protest Board
Chairman: Dr. Kevin Deguara LLD
Vice-Chairman: Godfrey Pecorella, Joe Cachia.
Secretary: Victor Mifsud
Neutral Members: Alfred Cardona, Alfred Bartolo, Gorg Micallef, Louis Micallef
Council Representatives: Mario De Battista, Francis Zammit

Disciplinary Board
Chairman: Dr. Trevor Degiorgio LLD
Vice-Chairman: Dr. Maria Azzopardi LLD
Secretary: Francis Zammit
Members: John Falzon, Alfred Bartolo, Paul Cachia

Officer in charge of contacts with nurseries and MFA: Vice-President Joe Cassar
Officer in charge of Media, Secretariat, Leagues and Competitions: Vice-President Robert Attard.