Senglea Nursery end-of-season presentation

Senglea Nursery organized its annual ‘End of Season Presentation’ for the season 2010/2011 in front of its premises in Senglea.

Senglea Nursery President Stephen Spiteri opened his speech by stating that this year, Senglea Nursery is celebrating its eleventh year anniversary and while proud to have reached such a milestone, it shall continue working to improve for the benefit of all Senglea children and youths.

He said that the Senglea Nursery was not just a football nursery as its interest was not only focused on its football players but as a nursery catering for other sports activities, open for all those wishing to take part in.

Such a nursery, even though without the aid of a sponsor, was always on the frontline to help various organisations. This year, this nursery organised a football tournament in aid of the Hospice Movement and one in aid of a cats’ organisation, where all the proceeds went towards these organisations.

Spiteri said one of the main highlights of the past season was the launching of the Cottonera United Youth Nursery – a youth nursery which incorporates the amalgamation of Cottonera’s three nurseries, in one single team. This transition, even though a difficult and complex one, had to be done, in order to guarantee a future for Cottonera youths in the local football scene. The three nurseries had to work hand in hand, overlooking their past rivalries, for the benefit of these youths.

This amalgamation project had to be undertaken since the Cottonera young population is diminishing at an impressive rate and if some kind of action hadn’t been taken, in the coming years, the Cottonera nurseries, would not have had sufficient players to put up a team.

Spiteri said that this project involved two years of continuous work, despite various constraints including finding a coach ready to take such a challenge and finding a venue for training.

However now that the training has successfully commenced, Spiteri with great satisfaction claimed that, a big number of Cottonera youths are all training together, united in one team bubbling with enthusiasm, teamed up together, professionally and disciplined. All this triggers optimism for this coming football season. Thanks to the work and dedication of the committee members and the enthusiasm of its players, the team will hopefully do well.

Spiteri ended his speech by encouraging the Cottonera people to support these youths in pursuing their dream, so that Cottonera regains the popularity and prestige it deserves. This was possible thanks to the talented players Cottonera has.

Youth Football Association president Fr.Hilary Tagliaferro thanked the committee of the Senglea Nursery for offering such opportunities to Senglea children and youths. He praised the Cottonera nurseries’ amalgamation and that despite rivalries, they were capable of overcoming them for the benefit of these youths. He encouraged other small teams, to team up, just as Cottonera United did, in order to keep on participating.

The ceremony continued with the presentation of medals and trophies to Senglea Nursery’s 2010/2011 players and to the participants of the Summer activities.

Also present for this activity were all Senglea Nursery players, the participants in the Summer Activities programme and distinguished guests, including MFA Technical Director Robert Gatt, Senglea Mayor Joe Casha, Senglea Archpriest Rev. Grech, presidents and secretaries of all Cottonera nurseries and Senglea’s societies, together with the players’ relatives and friends. A large crowd also gathered around the venue to watch the show.

After the presentation, all the guests were offered a lavish reception together with the participation of various local entertainers.