UEFA Under-19, Under-17 Championship qualifying round draws

The draw for the qualifying rounds of the 2012/13 UEFA European Under-19 Championship and 2012/13 UEFA European Under-17 Championship were held on Tuesday morning at the House of European Football in Nyon.

In the UEFA Under-19 Championship, Malta was drawn in Group 3 together with Poland, the Netherlands and San Marino. The tournament will be held in San Marino.

In the UEFA Under-17 Championship, Malta was drawn in Group 9 together with Norway, Portugal and Iceland. Malta will be hosting the mini-tournament.

In both competitions, the top two in each group along with the two third-placed teams with the best record against the leading pair will progress to the elite round.

Under-19 Championship Qualifying round draw
Group 1: Austria, Hungary, Andorra, Bulgaria
Group 2: Finland, Denmark, Montenegro, Cyprus
Group 3: Poland, Netherlands, San Marino, Malta
Group 4: Czech Republic, Greece, Northern Ireland, Moldova
Group 5: Germany, Republic of Ireland, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Luxembourg
Group 6: France, Portugal, Israel, Latvia
Group 7: Belgium, Italy, Belarus, Albania
Group 8: Slovakia, Norway, Kazakhstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Group 9: Scotland, Switzerland, Armenia, Romania
Group 10: Wales, Russia, Sweden, Slovenia
Group 11: Croatia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iceland
Group 12: Ukraine, England, Faroe Islands, Estonia

Under-17 Championship Qualifying round draw
Group 1: Belarus, Serbia, Moldova, Armenia
Group 2: Finland, Germany, Andorra, San Marino
Group 3: Belgium, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia
Group 4: Spain, Poland, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria
Group 5: Greece, France, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Group 6: Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Faroe Islands
Group 7: England, Northern Ireland, Estonia, Wales
Group 8: Italy, Hungary, Albania, Liechtenstein
Group 9: Norway, Portugal, Malta, Iceland
Group 10: Republic of Ireland, Romania, Sweden, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Group 11: Denmark, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Russia
Group 12: Turkey, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Israel
Group 13: Scotland, Georgia, Luxembourg, Ukraine