Applications to join Coerver Coaching Football School

Coerver Coaching Football School is accepting applications for the 3rd term starting January 2012.

The school is open for children between the ages of five and fourteen.

Apply by filling the application form at, call 79442447 , send an email on or visit our website

The Coerver Coaching method is the brainchild of Dutch soccer coach Wiel Coerver. He was a long-time player and coach in the Netherlands who coached and advised several soccer programs around the world. Coerver developed his teaching method based on individual ball skills and proper technique. The Coerver method can be used for a wide variety of ages and skill levels. There are schools around the world along with books, videos and DVDs that teach the Coerver method.

Coerver strives to develop a coaching style that stresses attacking soccer. While developing his coaching system in the 1970s, Coerver watched the best players in the world and looked for a way to introduce their skills and secrets to players of all levels. The Coerver system tries to build a player’s skills through individual and small group drills. These small group drills can translate into a full team environment. A skilled group of players at different areas of the field can have a definite impact on the game.

The Coerver system teaches the game on a technical level instead of focusing on tactics. Technical coaching involves teaching individuals and groups the skills necessary to be successful. Conversely, tactical training teaches strategies such as where players are placed on the field and style of play. The Coerver system develops fundamentals and a player’s skill level. Once players are comfortable with the ball it will be easier to implement tactics into their training.

The Pyramid of Player Development is a group of six essential skills that Coerver stresses when training players. Ball mastery forms the base of the pyramid. It uses ball control drills to help a player become comfortable with the ball. Receiving and passing introduces quick, creative ball movement among teammates. Moves are next developed to help a player beat a defender. Speed helps improve the pace of play on an individual and team level. Finishing focuses on scoring while under pressure. Finally, group attack ties individual skills together with team soccer.

The Coerver method of coaching soccer strives to create a successful team through the growth of the individual. It also preaches an entertaining style of soccer where players are encouraged to play quickly and be creative. It is only a piece to the puzzle, though. The Coerver method of coaching can be combined with tactical lessons to develop a complete soccer team.