MFA secures FXDD sponsorship deal for national teams

The Malta Football Association and foreign exchange trading provider FXDD signed a sponsorship agreement which will benefit the Malta national teams for the years 2012 and 2013. The agreement also covers the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches which Malta will be playing over the next two years.

FXDD, who are also the sponsors of the Referees’ Kits for 2011/12, will be Platinum Sponsors of the Malta National teams. This is part of a strategic programme by the association geared towards the setting up of a sponsorship structure to provide our national teams with the necessary backing from firms of repute. A structure which includes the Platinum Sponsor, at least one Gold Sponsor and a number of Preferred Commercial Partners.

Until last year, technical sponsors Givova were the only sponsors for the national team, which has been left without an official sponsor for more than ten years.

In his speech, MFA president Norman Darmanin Demajo said a sponsorship for the national team was long due and thanks to this sponsorship, all national teams will benefit including the Academy for children born 1998 who will be provided training in a professional set-up.

The new year heralds FXDD’s commitment to assisting the association through a sponsorship agreement of this kind. The novel approach, which the MFA is using when negotiating sponsorship deals is more of a partnership in brand communications rather than the traditional type of sponsorships, and whereby any exposure to either party will contribute towards enhancing the image of both entities as well as creating opportunities for fan engagement. This would in the end result in commercial opportunities and a better return on investment for the sponsoring companies.

These should open better possibilities for more progress by our representative teams which should then be manifested in their preparation programmes and teams’ kit as well as in other material and technical forms.

It was revealed that charter flights for national team matches away from home will be held as part of this sponsorship deal.

Darmanin Demajo finally thanked FXDD for supporting the association by accepting to be part of this sponsorship structure and also thanked those companies who have shown interest in doing the same.

Also present for the press conference were FXDD Managing Director James E. Green and Finance Manager Fiona Soler and MFA Treasurer Antoine Portelli.

Meanwhile during a reception for the media, the MFA president mentioned the challenges the association has and will be facing in the coming months. He mentioned the national team and the appointment of a new coach, the revamp of the referees’ sector, the issues with MEPA over clubs’ infrastructure and the investigation over the alleged case of bribery during the national team’s match against Norway.

With regards to this alleged bribery case, Darmanin Demajo appealed for caution and prudence. He said one had to be patient as the truth will eventually emerge. The MFA President stressed that the association is working hand in hand with police authorities with regards to this case.

Darmanin Demajo went on to thank all sponsors who are supporting the association despite the global financial situation.

Photos: Copyright © domenic aquilina