Marsaskala FC present squad, sponsors

Third Division side Marsaskala FC presented the squad for season 2012/13 and their sponsors during a press conference which was held at the Waterline Restaurant Marsaskala on Saturday.

Marsaskala FC secretary Jesmond Mugliett said that since its foundation in 2010, the club registered considerable progress and is currently leading the BOV Third Division standings and managed to reach the third round of the U*BET FA Trophy. He said the technical staff led by coach Alan Mifsud and the players deserve credit for this.

Mugliett explained that the club has been working hard for the past months and managed to strengthen the squad with thirteen new players. Four players are now property of the club, namely Juan Galdes, Matthew Gauci, Renald Attard and fourteen-year old Andre Cutajar.

The Marsaskala secretary thanked club president Dr Reuben Debono and the sponsors. He also thanked Dr Owen Bonnici and Dr Stephen Spiteri, the Marsaskala Local Council and Waterline Restaurant

Marsaskala FC president Dr Reuben Debono explained that the objective behind the club’s foundation was to unite the residents of Marsaskala, considering the large number of people from other towns and villages who went to live in Marsaskala. He said this objective was reached as the football club is creating a greater sense of community among residents. Good results achieved over the past weeks is helping to increase the interest.

Dr Debono said that for a team which was founded just two years ago, lying on top the BOV Third Division and reaching the third round of the U*BET FA Trophy was something they were not expecting. He thanked the authorities for providing a small pitch within the Primary School premises where they could train but time was due now to have better facilities – a proper football ground and a club house. Dr Debono said that it was only thanks to the Mayor and the Marsaskala Local Council that the club has a place where they could hold their meetings.

The setting-up of the nursery last year was another achievement for Marsaskala FC and in a few months, it has attracted hundred young players. The Marsaskala FC president explained that young couples now had the opportunity to send their children for football training within the locality.

Dr Reuben Debono concluded by saying the the club was being run in a most professional manner. He thanked the coaching staff led by coach Alan Mifsud and assistant coach Joseph Cutajar and the club’s main sponsors, namely Michael Bugeja of Bilom Group, Tewmi Motoring School, Green MT, Mr Fernando Moritz, Powerade, Unicare Ltd and Sportika.

Marsaskala FC coach Alan Mifsud explained that the club has been working hard, setting an objective. He said the club was moving in the right direction, laying strong foundations, investing in a young squad.

Mifsud said that building a squad for a new club was not an easy job but the dream was becoming reality. He appealed for more support and renewed the appeal for better training facilities.

Assisant coach and goalkeepers’ coach Joe Cutajar, who formed part of the coaching staff at Tarxien Rainbows and Pietà Hotspurs before joining Marsaskala, said the fact that the team was the only one from the Premier League to Division 3 yet to suffer a goal was the result of the hard work done by the committee and technical staff in summer and the hard work put by the players in training.

Nursery Head Coach Albert Mifsud said the enthusiasm witnessed at the club was what attracted him to join the nursery. He explained the important role of the nursery as a source of education for children and hence the important contribution to society. Mifsud said it was about time that authorities recognized the need for better facilities as nurseries were not there to develop better men and women. He thanked coaches Louis Facciol and Frans Mallia and the rest of the coaches at the nursery.

Anthero Agius from the Marsaskala Futsal team said that after using the club’s facilities last year, they approached the Marsaskala FC committee in their bid to join forces with the club due to the Futsal Malta Association’s new regulations requiring futsal teams to be linked to a parent club. He thanked the club for accepting and said that although most of the players did not hail from Marsaskala, they were proud to represent the locality.

Club lawyer and MP Owen Bonnici spoke about the club’s challenges, namely the foundation of the club, the setting-up of the nursery and the building of better facilities. He said that while the first two have been achieved, together with Dr Stephen Spiteri, they pledged their support to help the club achieve this third target.

Parliamentary Assistant Dr Stephen Spiteri, on behalf of Finance Minister Tonio Fenech, presented a donation to the club from the Good Causes Fund.

Marsaskala president Dr Reuben Debono then presented a shirt to Michael Bugeja of Bilom Group.

The Marsaskala squad is made up of: Renald Attard, Clinton Camilleri, Mario Bajada, Marko Milutinovic, Sinclair Camilleri, Clive Lanzon, Christian Bordieri, Jesmond Scicluna, Ennio Desira, Melchior Grech, Juan Galdes, Elvin Gauci, Andrea Grech, Vince Camilleri, Andy Portelli, Ryan Cauchi, Mark Said, Matthew Gauci, Bjorn Dalli, Nazzareno Abela.