Activity by Birkirkara Nursery in aid of Puttinu Cares

bkara-nurseryBirkirkara FC Youth Nursery is going to organise a fun and charitable event for all sections of the Club. The event will be based on the latest craze, the Harlem Shake. Basically, it involves a large group of people, dancing free style.

The event will be filmed and then edited to produce our own music video, thanks to the kind support of Where’s Everybody?.

The event will be held at the Infetti Training Grounds, in Birkirkara on Friday 8th March, at 20:00. There will be no football or political activities on the day, due to the General Election. So what better way to spend an evening having fun, relaxing, and helping those in need?

All the Club’s players from the Youth Nursery, Women, U19 and Senior Teams will attend. Anybody who wishes to join is more then welcome, however, they will have to be dressed in red and yellow. Use of props such as masks and wigs, is encouraged to make the event as fun as possible.

We we will be collecting donations on the day, and we will present them to the Puttinu Cares Foundation during the upcoming football marathon. A minimum donation of €1 from each participant is being suggested, but you are encouraged to be as generous as possible.

We would like to thank Where’s Everybody? for making this event possible, and hope to see all of you there to have an evening of fun.