Pembroke Athleta women's team on training camp in Plovdiv

Pembroke-Athleta-FCA contingent of twenty among players, team officials and a tour agent representative, led by Yvonne Debono and Women’s team club director Dorita Agius went for a training camp in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This was the group’s second trip abroad after the participation in the Wales Super Cup tournament two years ago.

The girls gained first hand experience from this trip by playing two friendly matches against very strong opponents, namely Ekomet Plovdiv and LP Supersport Sofia and through training sessions conducted by experienced Bulgarian UEFA A Licensed coach M. Cheorghev.

pembroke-athleta-fnThe contingent also had some free time, visiting the Batchkovo Valley and spending a day at the Plovdiv Aqua Park.

The group, who has been together for the past six years, will resume pre-season training and look forward to the start of the season’s competitions targeting high placings in both the BOV Women’s First Division League and MFA Under-16 League.