Sliema Wanderers Football Nursery Coaches' Pre-Season Seminar

sliema-nursery-coaching-pre-season2013The technical staff at Sliema Wanderers Football Nursery had a preparatory seminar during which the plans and training programme for each age group for season 2013-2014 were presented and discussed in detail. Youth Director of Coaching Claude Chetcuti and Head Coach Martin Sacco explained that the programmes are not only interesting and fun but also ensure that all players are challenged according to their abilities.

Nursery Chairman Mark Pace and General Secretary Alexander Pace explained to the staff coaches the Nursery structure, policies and the plans for continued improvement at the Nursery. They also confirmed the Nursery’s encouragement and support to coaches who wish to further their coaching education. The Nursery Chairman also mentioned that during the season the Nursery will continue to organise events to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Nursery which is an important milestone for local grassroots youth football.

The Seminar came to a close with a practical session with the participation of the coaches on the topic 4 vs 4 as an important component of a training session in a ‘long term player development’ programme.