Eurobridge Pre Season Tournament

Fgura United will be organising the Eurobridge Pre Season Tournament between August 1st and September 5th at the Charles Abela Stadium, Mosta.

Taking part in the tournament are five teams from the Challenge League – hosts Fgura United, Pieta’ Hotspurs, Qormi, Swieqi United and newly-promoted Marsa who were declared Second Division champions at the end of last season.

01.08.2020 18:00Marsa vs Swieqi U.
01.08.2020 20:15Fgura U. vs Qormi
08.08.2020 18:00Swieqi U. vs Qormi
08.08.2020 20:15Pieta` H. vs Marsa
22.08.2020 18:00Marsa vs Fgura U.
22.08.2020 20:15Swieqi U. vs Pieta` H.
29.08.2020 18:00Pieta` H. vs Fgura U.
29.08.2020 20:15Qormi vs Marsa
05.09.2020 18:00Qormi vs Pieta` H.
05.09.2020 20:15Fgura U. vs Swieqi U.