Italian coaches to visit Malta for 5th Atalanta Stage Malta 2010

Andrea Bassi, Matteo Moranda and Andrea Paravisi will be the three Italian coaches from Atalanta B.C. Settore Giovanile, who this year will be visiting Malta to train the Maltese boys and girls participating in the 5th ATALANTA B.C. STAGE MALTA 2010 to be held at Infetti Training Grounds between 26 – 31 December 2010.

This event is open to all children living in Malta and Gozo aged between seven and eleven (born in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004) and consists mainly of three one hour and a half training sessions.

The three Atalanta BC Coaches will conduct instructional meeting during the camp to all nursery coaches which will be valid as one of the MFA Instructional Meeting.

Other Coaches who are interested in attending the training camp and instructional meeting may contact Franco Agius on 79438515 or Henry Bray on 99468248 for further details.