St. Andrews International Football Tournament 2011

Luxol Sports Club along with St. Andrews FC will be organizing the 2nd Edition of the Christmas International Football Tournament between 26th and 30th December 2011 at the Luxol Stadium.

In this Tournament, which will be spread over five days, 45 teams from 13 Nurseries and Academies will participate, where around 700 children will be playing in 88 matches.

This edition be dedicated to children born after January 2004, 2003, 2002, 2000, 1999, 1998 and 1996 coming from the Nurseries of: Birkirkara, Hamrun Spartans, Lija/Iklin, Melita, Paola Hibernians, Pieta’ Hotspurs, Qormi, San Gwann, Sliema Wanderers, Valletta, St Andrew’s and again last year’s two foreign Academies, Raith Rovers from Scotland and Agrigento from Sicily.

The 2000, 1999, 1998 and 1996 category matches will be controlled by MFA referees.

While addressing a Press Conference at the Luxol Stadium last Thursday, Mario De Battista, Administrator of St Andrew’s, said that for this year’s edition the Organizing Committee chose the slogan: Values First ……. Goals Follow.

He went on to say that this year’s Tournament will be aiming for the values first of the participating children before we proceed for the glory.
“Unfortunately, in Grassroots level, many times we go for goals and cups, first, instead of building up the good childhood values. Then when it is too late, at older ages, we look in for these values in our product. It is very important that these lads pass through a disciplined and respective course.”

While thanking the Youth and Grassroots Committee for publishing the new Tournaments Rules and Regulations, which certainly will guide the organization of such Events for a better Sports Education, he urged the participants to input the real values of childhood, combined with these Grassroots rules.

Youth FA General Secretary Mr Joe Micallef said that this tournament is one with a difference since it meets three aspectatives: competitive, Fun Football, and the emphasis of the importance of childhood values. He said that he is pleased that many nurseries are now heading to more professionalism.

The program opens on Monday 26 December with a March Past at 08:45hrs to the Luxol Stadium whereas after a symbolic opening ceremony, the Tournament kicks off.

Present for this conference were also the President of St. Andrew’s Mr Paul Falzon and the club’s treasurer Mr Alex Gollcher.