Statement by Sliema Wanderers

Sliema Wanderers issued a statement following unconfirmed reports in the media regarding the club’s financial affairs.

The statement, signed by club secretary Dr Clifton Grima, says “The committee would like to state that such speculation does not help Sliema Wanderers FC and Maltese football in general. The club’s financial situation is not different from most of the other local football clubs. In fact, like every other committee of the local football community, our administration is working very hard in order to see and ensure that all financial
commitments and criteria are honoured and observed. ”

“The committee of SLIEMA WANDERERS FC would also like to confirm that during the period wherein Mr. Steve Abela was the President of the Club, the committee worked with professional diligence, and administered and financed the club to the best of the their abilities. ”

“This is proved by the fact that a UEFA licence was granted to the club each year, meaning that all financial requests and criteria made by the MFA and UEFA were met by the club.”

“We deplore any reports in any section of the media which are not confirmed officially by the club and which may jeopardise the club’s internal stability. Although we will not discuss the financial position of the club in the media, we confirm that the figure of debt mentioned in the above mentioned media report is incorrect. ”

“Once again, we would like to thank Mr Steve Abela for his work during his time as President of Sliema Wanderers.”

The statement says that this will be the last public comment by the committee on this matter and the club is considering this case as closed.