Youth FA reaffirms its stance against any sort of abuse — Floriana Nursery issues statement

The Youth Football Association refers to a report that appeared in the media, regarding procedures taken recently against a man in Maltese courts, who was somehow or another involved in football local nursery.

The Youth FA wishes to assure the general public, particularly those involved in football, and especially to the parents of children attending a local football nursery. The YFA has already taken the necessary measures on this particular event, and this on request and with the complete co-operation of the football nursery in question.

The Youth FA promises to continue to act this way, with seriousness and integrity. Unfortunately, such problems arise in sport associations, everywhere and periodically, with Malta not any different, but it is essential that they are destroyed at the source, just as in this case,.

The Youth FA, together with the MFA, has a code of ethics, which must be followed by the coaches and anyone who has any contact with children in our football nurseries. This concept is very clearly staed in Regulation No. 34 of the Youth FA statute.

The YFA reaffirms its vigilance for protection from any danger to the children entrusted to it and reiterates its zero tolerance towards any abuse of any nature and kind.

Meanwhile in another statement, Floriana FC Nursery stated that it had terminated any contact with the person in particular in 2004, as soon as certain facts came to its knowledge. This was done as a precaution for the best interest of children attending the nursery.

The Nursery thanked parents of past and present children for showing appreciation towards the actions taken by the nursery at that time. The Floriana Nursery will continue to carry its obligations towards children entrusted to it and their parents with maturity and discipline.