Maltese Elite referees to attend seminar in Bulgaria

FIFA Referees Clayton Pisani and Alan Mario Sant this coming weekend will be participating in an Elite Referees’ Seminar for Bulgarian Referees in Sliven, Bulgaria.

This winter seminar is organised by the Bulgarian Football Union for referees and referee observers of the professional level.

The guest foreign lecturers in this seminar will be UEFA Referees’ Committee member David Elleray, and MFA Director of Refereeing Adrian D. Casha.

The seminar begins early afternoon on Friday 17th with topics such as recognition of the illegal contacts in challenges, referee’s action in situations of players mobbing/surrounding the official, different cases of offside, communication between the referees’ team during the match and use of the radio-communication system, and concentration and consistency in decision making.

Throughout the whole of Saturday 18th, the seminar continues with a variety of other topics: problems in refereeing during the first part of the current season, practical session on the field of play for referees and analysis of same, instructions to referees 2011 (Dusseldorf Referee Assistance Programme and Nyon Centre of Refereeing Excellence Seminar), group work (4 groups) and analysis of same, illegal use of arms, and video tests for referees and assistant referees.

The morning of Sunday 19th is reserved for the fitness tests, during which Clayton Pisani and Alan Mario Sant must run the FIFA Fitness Test – no easy feat considering the very low temperatures and the fact that the Bulgarian Football Union has set higher fitness standards than the minimum accepted by UEFA and FIFA. The seminar comes to a close on Sunday afternoon.

Photo: Copyright © domenic aquilina