Gale force winds cause damage to National Stadium canopy

The gale force winds which hit the Maltese islands during the night between Friday and Saturday caused extensive damages to the canopy of the National Stadium.

The winds tore apart a number of metal sheets from the canopy of the West Stand Side A and lifted a couple of metal sheets from the canopy of the Centenary Stadium.

These metal sheets ended scattered on the bridges leading to the West Stand A entrance and the roads surrounding the National Stadium.

In a statement which was published on Saturday afternoon, the Malta Football Association said the bad weather and strong winds caused extensive damages on the canopies of both the National Stadium and the Centenary Stadium. Minimal damages were also reported at the Hibernians Stadium and the association will be doing its best to complete works as soon as possible in order for the venues to be able to host competitive matches once again.

In agreement with Police, the association postponed all matches which were due to be played on Saturday from the BOV Premier League, First and Third Division.

A final decision on whether the games from the BOV Premier League, BOV First Division and BOV Second Division due to be played on Sunday will be played or not will be taken on Sunday morning, depending on the weather conditions.