Water games at the Gharghur Football Summer School

A prosperous start for the G?arg?ur Football Summer School 2012 and for the nursery, as the children aged 5-7 years took part in water games this summer, as the sun was at its best during this Summer School, a series of fun games and football related activities are taking place. During the afternoon the kids come over to practice fun games in order to introduce them into the football and sporting world while they grow-up physically and mentally.

In fact it is important that the kids not only involve themselves during the training sessions but integrate and challenge them in different circumstances and environments.

As a matter of fact a Fruit Day is going to be organised to raise more awareness for the kids in order to nurture a strong and healthy lifestyle, with a selection of fruit kebabs, fruit and also yogurts.

Meanwhile also a penalty shoot-out for those aging 16 years or over is going to take place with prices to be won.

Also a tour around Ta’ Qali grounds is going to take place, so that kids will be motivated more. This tour will be divided into 3 activities, being swimming in the National Stadium pool, a tour around the National Stadium premises and also and activity on the grounds, supervised by professional coaches.

Anyone who wishes to join the Gharghur Football Summer School 2012 in collaboration with Coerver Coaching, contact Carl on 99234161. Also in few weeks’ time applications will be open for the Season 2012-2013 for children aging between 4 years up to 16 years of age.

As a nursery that has been on track not too much ago, we strive to provide not only football related skills and activities but also nurture children into future athletes by integrating them into society in a safe and secure environment.