MFA participates in international course for Referees' Instructors

MFA Referees’ Committee members Alexander Arena and Saviour Darmanin took part in The 21st FA’s International Referee Instructors’ Foundation Course which was held at the brand new National Football Centre at St George’s Park, Burton-on-Trent, between the 14th and 21st October.

This Foundation Course was designed for those Instructors who have a desire to extend their knowledge and skills in referee training and education. The course is covering presentation skills, principles of tutoring and learning, coaching of referees, the development of the 4 stages of the learning cycle using case studies, leadership, group management, the power of quality feedback, practical training and new ideas on referees’ development.

The 16 participants attending this intensive course have been split up into 2 groups. Saviour Darmanin was in Group 1 with colleagues from Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, India, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Singapore, while Alexander Arena was in Group 2 with colleagues from Bulgaria, Egypt, Iceland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles and United Arab Emirates.

Group 1 Instructors were former Match Officials Dean Mohareb and Roger Vaughan, while Group 2 Instructors were Phil Knight and Daniel Meeson. Former Premiership Referee Ian Blanchard was the Senior Instructor while Laura Woolcock is the Course Coordinator.

Interesting aspects of the Course include the delivery of pre-assigned training sessions and practical training sessions on the field of play. It is to be noted that Alexander Arena was chosen along with a Bulgarian colleague to be interviewed by an English FA TV Crew, which will shortly be uploaded on the FA website. On Saturday the participants are being taken to watch the Football League Championship Match between Nottingham Forest and Cardiff City. The Course ends on Sunday with a General Summary, Closing Address and Presentation of Certificates.