Hit the crossbar and fly to Bulgaria !

In keeping with its association with the local football scene, Cisk Lager has teamed up with TV sports programme Kontrattakk to launch the Cisk Lager Crossbar Challenge. Participants stand the chance to win a fully-paid three-day tour package to join South End Core to watch Malta play Bulgaria in Sofia, Bulgaria in March 2013.

Hit the crossbar and fly to Bulgaria !The challenge is a legend amongst the elite and the concept is a relatively easy one – strike the ball against the crossbar. In reality, it is anything but, even footballing greats have been humbled by the mighty bar.

Participants willing to take on the challenge are invited to register their interest via facebook.com/cisklager until 6th January 2013. More details will be communicated to the participants after this date.

The Cisk Lager Crossbar Challenge will be played on a full-size pitch with the ball placed central to the crossbar on the edge of the penalty box (16.5 meters). The ball must be shot towards the crossbar, posts do not count. This must be repeated five times and the overall winners of each session proceed to the semi-finals.

The challenge will be filmed and aired on Kontrattakk on TVM2.