Floriana regain one point after appeal

Floriana FCA decision by the MFA Board of Control and Discipline to have one point deducted from Floriana FC in the BOV Premier League table 2013/14 was annulled by the Appeals Board following an appeal by the Greens.

In February, the Board of Control of Discipline had ordered Floriana to pay Birkirkara €20,000 by March 8, 2013 and in case the payment was not affected, a point would be deducted from the actual table.

The Appeals Board argued that the “actual table” referred to the table for season 2012/13 and therefore the MFA Board of Control and Discipline could not deduct the one point from the 2013/14 table.

Therefore Floriana now lie on minus five points after claiming a point in a draw with Naxxar. They had six points deducted by the MFA Licensing Board.