Fun day at Qormi Nursery

qormi-nursery-fun-day2013The Qormi nursery, in collaboration with the Southern Regional Committee, organised the finale of its final football fun activity on Sunday 22nd September.

Over 220 boys and girls took part in this activity from fourteen different nurseries. This fun day was organised for age groups 2003-04 at Qormi football ground where all the boys/girls mixed up in different teams from different nurseries played 4 vs 4 games.

At the end of this activity, all the kids took part in a parade with the participation of Jesmond Aquilina from the Southern Regional Committee, Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth & Sport, Dr Stefan Buontempo and Shadow Minister Mr Robert Micallef.

This activity was a good start for the nursery football season that will kick off next weekend.

Those parents interested to enroll their kids with the nursery may contact the nursery through visiting our website or by phone on 79450552.