Introducing futsal to girls

Futsal Malta Association had the first official meeting with ladies interested in joining the Futsal family. President Mark Borg, Vice President Alfred Camilleri and Maria Coppola led this introductory meeting at the Pietà Hotspurs club house during which girls were briefed with the basics of the game of Futsal.

This new futsal experience is not intended to disrupt the current ladies football activities. There will be an attempt to start playing on Saturdays afternoon, organizing a one-day tournament and playing an exhibition match before the Knock-Out Final.

FMA President Mark Borg invited all those present, to join and watch the Futsal EURO qualifying mini-tournament between the 13th and 18th January being held in Malta.

Finally Futsal Referees Coordinator Gjergji Bitri, also gave a small presentation about the Futsal rules. He also said that the introduction of a ladies’ competition in Futsal will consolidate Futsal development in Malta.