MFA Exco fully supports anti-corruption bill

The Malta Football Association totally supports the bill proposed by the Anti-Corruption Task Force as the fight against all forms of match-fixing remains a high priority for the local governing body of football.

“The Malta FA Executive Committee stands full square behind the Anti-Corruption Task Force’s proposed bill and every effort being made to tackle the match-fixing plight not only in football but sports in general,” Angelo Chetcuti, the General Secretary of the Malta FA, said.

At a meeting of the Malta FA Executive Committee, held on Thursday afternoon, Dr Chetcuti highlighted the key points of the proposed anti-corruption bill which has been drafted by the Office of the Attorney General.

The bill proposes harsher punishments in the form of effective prison sentences to anyone who engages in the manipulation not just of the outcome but any of the aspects of a sporting event, and sets outs a series of aggravating circumstances.

The provision of inside information to third parties for illicit purposes is recognised as an offence in the draft bill which also stipulates that the punishment for athletes found guilty of bribery offences while representing the country rises by one degree.

Meanwhile, Malta FA President Norman Darmanin Demajo noted with satisfaction that the Association’s social responsibility initiatives under its burgeoning Football For Life programme have been recognised by UEFA.

The European football body is giving €50,000 in financial assistance, under its Hattrick project, to those national associations that already have a Football Social Responsibility programme.

Mr Darmanin Demajo said the Malta FA will make a financial donation to Bjorn Formosa’s ALS Malta Foundation during the programme Xarabank on TVM.