Malta Football Association commemorates 120th anniversary

The Malta Football Association is 120 years old. 1900 is officially recognised as the birth year of the Malta FA with Major William Henry Russel Prewer becoming the first president of the Association in 1909.

The 120th anniversary of the Malta FA is an occasion to cherish and revive those moments, those epic matches and landmark events, throughout this long and emotional journey of a footballing nation.

In the 120th year of its existence, the Malta FA and football as a whole are facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic with competitions across Europe and beyond at a standstill as the world fights this disease.

Although the restrictions posed by the coronavirus compelled the Malta FA to scale down the programme of events, it is the Association’s intention to commemorate this 120th anniversary in a fitting manner.

By way of kicking off these celebrations, the Malta FA has unveiled the 120th anniversary logo during a special online event that has been broadcast on the Association’s Facebook page and Youtube Channel.