Slight changes in dates for Malta’s October UEFA Nations League qualifiers

After announcing that the national team football windows of October and November 2020 will now feature triple-headers instead of double-headers, thus allowing the postponed European Qualifiers Play-Offs to be rescheduled at the beginning of the respective windows, on 8 October and 12 November, UEFA announced the new dates for the 2020/21 UEFA Nations League group stage matches.

Malta is only affected for the two games scheduled in October as Andorra vs Malta will now be played on October 10 and Latvia vs Malta on October 13.

Malta will therefore play the Faroe Islands in Torshavn on September 3 and then host Latvia on September 6. The game away from home against Andorra will be played on October 10 and that against Latvia in Riga on October 13. Malta finally hosts Andorra on November 14 and the Faroe Islands on November 17.

Meanwhile during the UEFA Executive Committee Meeting held earlier this month, the key principles of the UEFA medical protocol were approved, and detailed guidelines will now be finalised over the next few weeks to ensure that a thorough sanitary plan be put in place to protect the health of all participants to UEFA matches when the competitions resume.

UEFA said it will be regularly assessing the situation across the continent and will liaise with local authorities to see when spectators could gradually return.


Thursday 3 September
D1 Faroe Islands vs Malta (20:45)
D1 Latvia vs Andorra (20:45)


Sunday 6 September
D1 Andorra vs Faroe Islands (15:00)
D1 Malta vs Latvia (20:45)


Saturday 10 October
D1 Faroe Islands vs Latvia (18:00)
D1 Andorra vs Malta (20:45)


Tuesday 13 October
D1 Faroe Islands vs Andorra (20:45)
D1 Latvia vs Malta (20:45)


Saturday 14 November
D1 Malta vs Andorra (15:00) 
D1 Latvia vs Faroe Islands (18:00) 


Tuesday 17 November
D1 Andorra vs Latvia (20:45)
D1 Malta vs Faroe Islands (20:45)