Appeals Board reduces damages in Jurgen Borg case

The Appeals Board of the Malta Football Association reduced the damages in the case between Jurgen Borg and Hibernians FC to €4,000. The Complaints Board, in fact, had originally awarded Hibernians the amount of €15,000 in damages.

In a statement, the Malta Football Players Association described this as a huge win, both for Borg and the MFPA, considering that the Club was asking for €35,000 (including €9,000 parameters).

The MFPA added that back in 2017, Borg had also reached out to the Club in question and offered €25,000 (including €9k parameters) to settle the matter, but the Club had rejected the offer.

“Jurgen Borg took a stand when he felt unjustly treated. Fully aware of the backlash he could face and the risks involved, he took on a system that always seemed to favour organisations at the expense of individuals. His case went all the way to the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Switzerland, where he won his challenge against MFA. The MFPA has supported Jurgen Borg throughout this journey because it believes in his honesty and integrity. “

In another statement, Hibernians FC said that the board’s decision vindicates the Club’s position who right from the start stated that the player had no right to terminate his employment contract. On the other hand, the MFPA, who defended the player, had argued that the player was right to terminate the contract and that no damages should be paid to Hibernians. The Appeals Board has made it clear that it was this wrong advice given to the player by the MFPA which resulted in Jurgen Borg losing the case against Hibernians and be ordered to pay damages.