MFPA hits out at Sliema Wanderers over outstanding salaries to their players

The Malta Football Players Association issued a statement in which it hit out at Sliema Wanderers for being “gravely in breach of its contractual obligations to its players and coaching staff, due to numerous outstanding salaries. Players have reported not receiving salaries for this season, while others are owed as far back as February 2020. “

The MFPA added that moreover, there are players who have moved on to other clubs and are still owed money for past seasons, adding that Sliema already face a FIFA and MFA transfer ban due to outstanding balances for cases they lost against three players, all of which were represented by MFPA.

“Without salaries, some full time players are literally struggling to feed themselves and their families. It is completely irresponsible and unacceptable that Clubs are allowed to offer new contracts and commence a season in the Maltese Premier League, whilst the dues from previous seasons have as yet not been paid.”

“A number of players have already alerted the Club of its various breaches, in the hopes that the issue is resolved. MFPA has also sent an official email, requesting the Club to comply with its contractual obligations. No feedback has as yet been received. Should full payment not be made within the regulatory established time frame, there will be no option but to take legal steps to recover salaries owed. As always MFPA will be fully backing the players and coaches who seek assistance and will support the players through this difficult period.”