BOV Second Division League Fixtures 2019/20

Thu-17-Oct18:00Centenary StadiumZabbar St. PatrickvsMgarr United
Thu-17-Oct20:15Centenary StadiumBirzebbuga St. Peter’svsXghajra Tornados
Sat-19-Oct15:00Luxol StadiumSan GwannvsMelita
Sat-19-Oct17:15Luxol StadiumMarsaxlokkvsMellieha
Mon-21-Oct18:00Victor Tedesco StadiumMarsavsZurrieq
Mon-21-Oct20:15Victor Tedesco StadiumLuqa St. Andrew’svsKalkara United
Sat-02-Nov14:00Luxol StadiumRabat AjaxvsZabbar St. Patrick
Sat-02-Nov16:15Luxol StadiumXghajra TornadosvsMelita
Sun-03-Nov11:00Centenary StadiumMgarr UnitedvsMarsaxlokk
Sun-03-Nov13:15Centenary StadiumKalkara UnitedvsMarsa
Sun-03-Nov15:30Centenary StadiumMelliehavsBirzebbuga St. Peter’s
Mon-04-Nov19:00Victor Tedesco StadiumZurrieqvsSan Gwann
Sat-09-Nov14:00Centenary StadiumMarsaxlokkvsRabat Ajax
Sat-09-Nov16:15Centenary StadiumZabbar St. PatrickvsLuqa St. Andrew’s
Sun-10-Nov14:00Victor Tedesco StadiumMelliehavsXghajra Tornados
Sat-09-Nov16:15Luxol StadiumSan GwannvsKalkara United
Sat-09-Nov14:00Luxol StadiumMelitavsZurrieq
Sun-10-Nov16:15Victor Tedesco StadiumBirzebbuga St. Peter’svsMgarr United
Sat-16-Nov14:00Centenary StadiumRabat AjaxvsBirzebbuga St. Peter’s
Sat-16-Nov16:15Centenary StadiumXghajra TornadosvsZurrieq
Sat-16-Nov14:00Victor Tedesco StadiumKalkara UnitedvsMelita
Sat-16-Nov16:15Victor Tedesco StadiumMarsavsZabbar St. Patrick
Sun-17-Nov14:00Victor Tedesco StadiumLuqa St. Andrew’svsMarsaxlokk
Sun-17-Nov16:15Victor Tedesco StadiumMgarr UnitedvsMellieha
Sat-23-Nov14:00Luxol StadiumMelliehavsRabat Ajax
Sat-23-Nov16:15Luxol StadiumMgarr UnitedvsXghajra Tornados
Sun-24-Nov14:00Luxol StadiumMarsaxlokkvsMarsa
Sun-24-Nov16:15Luxol StadiumBirzebbuga St. Peter’svsLuqa St. Andrew’s
Sun-24-Nov14:00Victor Tedesco StadiumZabbar St. PatrickvsSan Gwann
Sun-24-Nov16:15Victor Tedesco StadiumZurrieqvsKalkara United
Fri-06-Dec19:00Centenary StadiumLuqa St. Andrew’svsMellieha
Sat-07-Dec14:00Luxol StadiumXghajra TornadosvsKalkara United
Sat-07-Dec16:15Luxol StadiumSan GwannvsMarsaxlokk
Sun-08-Dec11:00Victor Tedesco StadiumMelitavsZabbar St. Patrick
Sun-08-Dec13:15Victor Tedesco StadiumMarsavsBirzebbuga St. Peter’s
Sun-08-Dec15:30Victor Tedesco StadiumRabat AjaxvsMgarr United
Sat-14-Dec14:00Luxol StadiumZabbar St. PatrickvsZurrieq
Sat-14-Dec16:15Luxol StadiumMelliehavsMarsa
Sun-15-Dec14:00Luxol StadiumRabat AjaxvsXghajra Tornados
Sun-15-Dec16:15Luxol StadiumMgarr UnitedvsLuqa St. Andrew’s
Sun-15-Dec14:00Victor Tedesco StadiumMarsaxlokkvsMelita
Sun-15-Dec16:15Victor Tedesco StadiumBirzebbuga St. Peter’svsSan Gwann
Fri-10 to Mon-13-Jan  MelitavsBirzebbuga St. Peter’s
Fri-10 to Mon-13-Jan MarsavsMgarr United
Fri-10 to Mon-13-Jan ZurrieqvsMarsaxlokk
Fri-10 to Mon-13-Jan San GwannvsMellieha
Fri-10 to Mon-13-Jan Kalkara UnitedvsZabbar St. Patrick
Fri-10 to Mon-13-Jan  Luqa St. Andrew’svsRabat Ajax
Fri-17 to Mon-20-Jan  MarsaxlokkvsKalkara United
Fri-17 to Mon-20-Jan Luqa St. Andrew’svsXghajra Tornados
Fri-17 to Mon-20-Jan Birzebbuga St. Peter’svsZurrieq
Fri-17 to Mon-20-Jan Mgarr UnitedvsSan Gwann
Fri-17 to Mon-20-Jan Rabat AjaxvsMarsa
Fri-17 to Mon-20-Jan  MelliehavsMelita
Fri-31-Jan to Mon-03-Feb  San GwannvsRabat Ajax
Fri-31-Jan to Mon-03-Feb MarsavsLuqa St. Andrew’s
Fri-31-Jan to Mon-03-Feb Xghajra TornadosvsZabbar St. Patrick
Fri-31-Jan to Mon-03-Feb MelitavsMgarr United
Fri-31-Jan to Mon-03-Feb ZurrieqvsMellieha
Fri-31-Jan to Mon-03-Feb  Kalkara UnitedvsBirzebbuga St. Peter’s
Fri-07 to Mon-10-Feb  MelliehavsKalkara United
Fri-07 to Mon-10-Feb Mgarr UnitedvsZurrieq
Fri-07 to Mon-10-Feb Rabat AjaxvsMelita
Fri-07 to Mon-10-Feb Luqa St. Andrew’svsSan Gwann
Fri-07 to Mon-10-Feb MarsavsXghajra Tornados
Fri-07 to Mon-10-Feb  Zabbar St. PatrickvsMarsaxlokk
Fri-14 to Mon-17-Feb  San GwannvsMarsa
Fri-14 to Mon-17-Feb ZurrieqvsRabat Ajax
Fri-14 to Mon-17-Feb Kalkara UnitedvsMgarr United
Fri-14 to Mon-17-Feb Birzebbuga St. Peter’svsZabbar St. Patrick
Fri-14 to Mon-17-Feb Xghajra TornadosvsMarsaxlokk
Fri-14 to Mon-17-Feb  MelitavsLuqa St. Andrew’s
Fri-21 to Mon-24-Feb  MarsavsMelita
Fri-21 to Mon-24-Feb Luqa St. Andrew’svsZurrieq
Fri-21 to Mon-24-Feb Rabat AjaxvsKalkara United
Fri-21 to Mon-24-Feb San GwannvsXghajra Tornados
Fri-21 to Mon-24-Feb Zabbar St. PatrickvsMellieha
Fri-21 to Mon-24-Feb  MarsaxlokkvsBirzebbuga St. Peter’s
Fri-28-Feb to Mon-02-Mar  MelitavsSan Gwann
Fri-28-Feb to Mon-02-Mar Mgarr UnitedvsZabbar St. Patrick
Fri-28-Feb to Mon-02-Mar Kalkara UnitedvsLuqa St. Andrew’s
Fri-28-Feb to Mon-02-Mar MelliehavsMarsaxlokk
Fri-28-Feb to Mon-02-Mar Xghajra TornadosvsBirzebbuga St. Peter’s
Fri-28-Feb to Mon-02-Mar  ZurrieqvsMarsa
Fri-06 to Mon-09-Mar  Zabbar St. PatrickvsRabat Ajax
Fri-06 to Mon-09-Mar San GwannvsZurrieq
Fri-06 to Mon-09-Mar MarsavsKalkara United
Fri-06 to Mon-09-Mar MelitavsXghajra Tornados
Fri-06 to Mon-09-Mar MarsaxlokkvsMgarr United
Fri-06 to Mon-09-Mar  Birzebbuga St. Peter’svsMellieha
Fri-13 to Mon-16-Mar  Mgarr UnitedvsBirzebbuga St. Peter’s
Fri-13 to Mon-16-Mar Rabat AjaxvsMarsaxlokk
Fri-13 to Mon-16-Mar ZurrieqvsMelita
Fri-13 to Mon-16-Mar Xghajra TornadosvsMellieha
Fri-13 to Mon-16-Mar Luqa St. Andrew’svsZabbar St. Patrick
Fri-13 to Mon-16-Mar  Kalkara UnitedvsSan Gwann
Fri-20 to Mon-23-Mar  MelitavsKalkara United
Fri-20 to Mon-23-Mar MarsaxlokkvsLuqa St. Andrew’s
Fri-20 to Mon-23-Mar Zabbar St. PatrickvsMarsa
Fri-20 to Mon-23-Mar Birzebbuga St. Peter’svsRabat Ajax
Fri-20 to Mon-23-Mar ZurrieqvsXghajra Tornados
Fri-20 to Mon-23-Mar  MelliehavsMgarr United
Fri-27 to Mon-30-Mar  Luqa St. Andrew’svsBirzebbuga St. Peter’s
Fri-27 to Mon-30-Mar Xghajra TornadosvsMgarr United
Fri-27 to Mon-30-Mar San GwannvsZabbar St. Patrick
Fri-27 to Mon-30-Mar Rabat AjaxvsMellieha
Fri-27 to Mon-30-Mar MarsavsMarsaxlokk
Fri-27 to Mon-30-Mar  Kalkara UnitedvsZurrieq
Sat-04 to Mon-06-Apr  Kalkara UnitedvsXghajra Tornados
Sat-04 to Mon-06-Apr Mgarr UnitedvsRabat Ajax
Sat-04 to Mon-06-Apr MelliehavsLuqa St. Andrew’s
Sat-04 to Mon-06-Apr Birzebbuga St. Peter’svsMarsa
Sat-04 to Mon-06-Apr MarsaxlokkvsSan Gwann
Sat-04 to Mon-06-Apr  Zabbar St. PatrickvsMelita
Sat-17 to Mon-20-Apr  San GwannvsBirzebbuga St. Peter’s
Sat-17 to Mon-20-Apr MelitavsMarsaxlokk
Sat-17 to Mon-20-Apr MarsavsMellieha
Sat-17 to Mon-20-Apr ZurrieqvsZabbar St. Patrick
Sat-17 to Mon-20-Apr Luqa St. Andrew’svsMgarr United
Sat-17 to Mon-20-Apr  Xghajra TornadosvsRabat Ajax
Fri-25 to Sun-27-Apr  Zabbar St. PatrickvsKalkara United
Fri-25 to Sun-27-Apr MarsaxlokkvsZurrieq
Fri-25 to Sun-27-Apr Birzebbuga St. Peter’svsMelita
Fri-25 to Sun-27-Apr MelliehavsSan Gwann
Fri-25 to Sun-27-Apr Mgarr UnitedvsMarsa
Fri-25 to Sun-27-Apr  Rabat AjaxvsLuqa St. Andrew’s
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