New publications by Malta FA

The Malta FA Media Department has just issued a publication to mark 100 years since the association started organising the National League, The MFA Yearbook 2009-2010 and the MFA Q Review.

The 100th Anniversary of the National League publication is a special one. It has been compiled and edited by former football journalist Albert Fenech and contains a panorama of the history of the National League Competition which was first organised in season 1909-1910. This insight is comprehensively backed by the editor through a detailed account of the development of the National League competition from one decade to the other. A limited number of this publication will be on sale for the price of €10.

The MFA Year Book, which is a review of football season 2008/2009, will also soon be on sale to the general public for the price of €5.

The MFA Q Review for the period October/December 2009 will be distributed free of charge with the edition of The Times of Saturday, 30th January 2010.