Zejtun Corinthians president steps down

Zejtun Corinthians president John Bugeja and seven other committee members resigned from their posts.

In a statement, Bugeja said that after just one year during which he felt really proud of being part of the Zejtun community, it was of great disappointment for him that this experience had come to an end. He said that the present circumstances led him and seven other committee members to quit over lack of trust shown by some members of the committee.

John Bugeja said that all this happened after that he was personally invited to form part of a private company which will be running the Juventus Soccer School. He felt that as Zejtun Corinthians president, he could offer his support as the club would benefit from this project. However this decision was misinterpreted by some members of the committee. Bugeja said he feels hurt and after analysing the situation, he decided to step down from the post of president.

John Bugeja believes that the only loser in this issue will be the club as Zejtun had nothing to lose and everything to gain from the project through the youngsters forming part of the club’s nursery, publicity for the club and also the financial aspect as the club had its representative in the company running the school.

The former Zejtun president concludes the statement by thanking the Zejtun community for how they welcomed him, respected him and loved him and said that he will continue to remember this experience with the club and for this reason, he will not exclude offering his services to the club in future.