MFA to meet Malta Football Players Association representatives

Following a request by the Malta Football Players Association for affiliation within the Malta Football Association, the MFA agreed to meet representatives from the players’ association.

The Member Status Committee of the Malta Football Association analysed the statute of the MFPA to check its conformity with the MFA statute.

Speaking during a meeting of the Council of the Malta Football Association, senior vice-president Carmelo Bartolo, who is also the chairman of the Member Status Committee, explained that according to the MFA statute, Affiliated Associations had to fall under this category: “Persons who intend to group together, or an association which already groups together, clubs and/or teams playing association football in a particular branch of association football or in a particular region and whose activities will include, or already includes, the organisation on an irregular basis of association football or similar, and who or which desire that such an association becomes an Associated Association of the Malta Football Association, shall give due written notice of their or its intention to the MFA.”

On analysing the statute of the MFPA, the Member Status Committee identified a number of clauses which ‘prima facie’ are not compatible with the MFA statute. These include the clause that the MFPA was an association/union within a trade union and the fact that the secretary of the MFPA is not elected by an Annual General Meeting but was appointed by the general secretary of the General Workers Union.

The Council agreed that the MFA should meet representatives from the MFPA to make sure that the latter association had the interest of football at heart and that it was working towards the good of the game.

In this meeting, the MFA will be represented by top MFA officials together with the presidents of the standing committees of the four divisions, namely Tony Bezzina, Joe Sammut, Raymond Micallef and Paul Sammut, Alvin Grech on behalf of the Gozo Football Association and Lino Bartolo on behalf of the other Member Associations.