Buttigieg and Busuttil’s contracts terminated

At a meeting of the MFA Executive Committee, held on Tuesday at the MFA Headquarters in Ta’ Qali, the members of the Executive Committee unanimously decided on the immediate termination of the existing contracts of the National A Team coach, Mr John Buttigieg, and of the Assistant National A Team coach, Mr Carmel Busuttil.

This decision was taken following a discussion regarding the performances and results of the National A Team during the qualifying stages of the UEFA EURO 2012 competition, which performances fell short of expectations. In addition to the above, however, the Executive Committee also took into consideration other factors, occurrences and limitations which, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, could seriously hinder and prejudice the future preparation and performance of our National A Team.

In the statement issued by the Malta Football Association, the Executive Committee thanked Mr John Buttigieg and Mr Carmel Busuttil for their efforts during the past two years and augured them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Buttigieg and Busuttil were appointed national A team coach and assistant national coach respectively in August 2009, taking over from Dusan Fitzel. They had signed a five-year contract.

In twenty-one games, Malta won two matches – two friendly matches against Georgia and the Central African Republic, drew three – against FYR Macedonia, Switzerland and Georgia – and lost sixteen matches.

Photo: Copyright © domenic aquilina