Mdina Knights Foundation at the Blood Donation Centre

Mdina Knights, through its Foundation, organised the first blood drive out of a series of visits which will take place in the coming weeks. The first group visited the Blood Donation Centre in Guardamangia on Saturday 14th January. In an appeal which has now been running for the past few days, the Blood Bank reported that the shortage of blood is critical and that operations will have to be cancelled if blood is not donated sooner rather than later.

To this end, the Mdina Knights Foundation is encouraging its players and followers to donate and shall be holding more group visits at the Blood Donation Centre in the coming weeks.

The Mdina Knights Foundation has been set up to make full use of the power of football to help people and communities in need and organize social, educational and sporting activities to promote social welfare.

Activities organized in the past include the enrolment of members with the Transplant Support Group for organ donation, helping the Urseline Sisters at the convent, inviting orphans to attend league matches and serving them to a free meal afterwards, together with running car treasure hunts in aid of Caritas Malta.

For those who wish to join the Mdina Knights Foundation visits to the Blood Donation Centre, kindly contact us on Mdina Knights would also like to take the opportunity to thank Andrew Catania for coordinating this activity.