Statement by Hibernians FC

Hibernians issued another statement in which they pointed out that they had never claimed that coach Mark Miller had already signed for Valletta FC.

The club said that the statement released on Tuesday reflected what they were told by Mark Miller in a meeting with the President and the General Manager, that is that after weeks of negotiations he had with the President of Valletta FC, he decided to accept the new challenge being offered by the Citizens.

Hibernians stressed that they did not sack Miller but the fact that he had already accepted an offer by another club, it was obvious that the contract had to be terminated immediately, as stipulated in the original contract, signed on September 18, 2008, in order not to leave any conflict of interest.

“We would like to point out that the Club was very satisfied with the work done by Mark Miller over the past four years and in fact, he had been offered a five-year contract which he turned down in order to join another club.”