Floriana FC committee members not to stand for re-election

Floriana President Johann Said has officially confirmed that he will not stand for re-election to the committee of Floriana FC. The absolute majority of the present committee have also decided not to stand for re-election. In a statement, the committee said that these decisions are final and will not be reconsidered.

The statement says that due to recent developments, the executive committee feels that the club cannot continue moving in the direction the club had taken in the past two years.
Derogatory comments and the continuous criticism by persons close to the club led Johann Said and the majority of members of the present committee to decide not to stand for re-election in order to make way for people who believe they could lead the club better.

“Despite the club’s difficulties and other difficulties in the local game, during the past two years, the club won a major honour – the FA Trophy – after an absence of seventeen years, and qualification for European football for two consecutive years,” says the statement.

“Floriana FC now boasts a competitive squad with all players property of the club.”

“Thanks to the help of previous committees and the government, Floriana FC has its own premises where it hosts the hundreds of cups and trophies won throughout the years. The premises also host the meetings of the various structures within the club and the rallies which are held before games which enable supporters to keep up to date with the latest developments at the club.”

“The club also has an ambitious project to develop a sports complex at ix-Xaghra with the help of the Malta Football Association. ”

“The present committee will continue to shoulder its responsibilities until the Annual General Meeting which will be held on June 10th.”

“President Johann Said is seeing that the squad would be prepared forcthe pre-season in view of the UEFA matches. The club will then be led by a new committee which will hopefully keep the team amongst the strongest clubs in the local game. ”

The committee concludes the statement by thanking all those who supported the club in a genuine manner together with all the players and coaches who delivered this success to the club.