Maltese Futsal officials in training camp in Italy

The excellent relations with the FIGC has made it possible for the MFA Referees’ Department to send two Maltese Top Futsal Referees, Clinton Cassar and Stefan Pace, to participate in the Annual Training Camp for Italian Referees, being held in Sportilia between 12th and 15th September.

During the training camp, the Maltese referees will undergo various theoretical and physical tests alongside their Italian counterparts.

The programme includes video-clips, amendments to the Futsal Laws of the Game, various presentations from Top Italian Futsal Instructors, as well as the FIFA Fitness test on 13th September.

This invitation by the Italian Federation strengthens the respect gained by the MFA in its efforts to upgrade the refereeing sector. Such an opportunity for two Maltese Futsal referees will surely be beneficial for the local game of Futsal and for their own development.

Following the footsteps of Football Refereeing, Futsal is establishing connections and exchanges with various European Federations in order to improve the level of Futsal Refereeing and expose our Futsal Referees at International level.

During the 2012/2013 Futsal season, the MFA Referees’ Department will be coordinating exchanges with Belgium, one of the top European Federations in Futsal.