Swieqi United outline plans for coming season

SUFC-BB2013Third Division side Swieqi United outlined their plans for the coming season during a business breakfast which was held on Saturday at the Cavalieri Hotel.

President Dr. Justin Fenech said the club had invested in a new set-up while focussing on the Nursery. He thanked the sponsors, namely Stargames, Noel Muscat Co. Ltd, 2X, Vacancy Centre, Cavalieri Hotel, Untangled Media, Logix and Robert Arrigo and the members of the committee for supporting the club. He said that although the club is made up of volunteers, their enthusiasm and ambition is enough for the club to complete its projects.

Vice-president and secretary Dr. Michael Calleja stressed on the need to avoid mistakes committed during the past season. The squad has been strengthened while new members of the coaching staff include Mario Mifsud and Youth Academy Director Andrea Vella. Dr. Calleja said that thanks to its new training grounds, the club saved money previously used to rent training grounds elsewhere and could invest in other projects. He praised the Futsal team which will be playing in the Premier League this season.

Senior coach Roberto Debrincat said the club was the ideal team for any coach as he could adopt his philosphy without any interference. He said the new signings have settled down well and the squad is competitive enough for the coming BOV Third Division League campaign.

Nursery Head Coach and Youth team coach Mario Mifsud said good organisation off the field of play usually leads to better performances on the pitch. He said he was glad to join a club where the committee supports the coach and does not interfere. Mifsud praised his team which will be participating for the first time in the Youth League.

Other speakers were Swieqi Mayor Noel Muscat and MFA vice-president Dr. Chris Bonnett.

Photo: Copyright © Jeffrick Cachia