Futsal referees’ exchanges with San Marino and Gibraltar

Following last season’s fruitful and successful experience of a Futsal referees exchange with San Marino, the Malta FA Refereeing Centre repeated this initiative this year.

Two futsal referees from San Marino, namely Giovanni Notarpietro and Marco Pagani, were in charge of two local futsal matches at the end of April – on Thursday 27th, the League 1 match Mrieħel ESS vs Sliema, and on Friday 28th the Elite League match Swieqi United vs University.

Both referees had a very good performance and were congratulated by the respective teams’ officials and players.

The San Marino referees were accompanied by Massimo Nanni who acted as referee observer in the League 1 match between Mrieħel ESS and Sliema. The following day, Mr Nanni observed Maltese referees in the Elite League match between Ħamrun Tre Angeli and Luxol.

As part of the exchange agreement, Maltese Futsal referees Franco Cachia and Robert Darmanin, together with referee observer Stephen Mallia, had a similar experience in San Marino.

Cachia and Darmanin officiated two league play-off matches while Mallia acted as referee observer.

Meanwhile, in the first weekend in May, another exchange took place with futsal referees from Gibraltar officiating in Malta.