Discussions continue during Social Dialogue Committee meeting

The members of the Social Dialogue Committee met again via videoconference on Thursday to pursue discussions and further address the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the meeting, the parties acknowledged the diversity not only between the different categories but also within the same division where clubs have different realities, also in terms of the varying conditions agreed with individual players.

During this discussion, the members of the Social Dialogue Committee analysed the various proposals that have been presented so far. It is pertinent to note that every proposal is intended to guarantee a set of minimum conditions while giving leeway to clubs and players to reach an agreement on better conditions.

All parties have pledged to promote and support the efforts undertaken by parties on an individual basis in pursuance of mutually-beneficial agreements.

The Social Dialogue Committee is a forum chaired by the Malta Football Association and brings together representatives of clubs, players and coaches to discuss matters of mutual interest, including the status and transfer of players, and employment.