Football as a solution to intolerance and discrimination: Another EU funded project awarded to the Malta FA for 2021-2023

The Malta Football Association has launched a new EU funded project entitled PaSS – Actioning Social Sports.
This program’s objective is to organise football related projects within the community whilst facilitating integration. Moreover, it will also build bridges in the community between migrants and locals. This will be done through the
development of 13 football hubs spread over Malta.

PaSS will also focus on encouraging migrant women and their families to engage in sporting activities related to football. The PaSS implementation plan is divided into two:

• The development of football inclusive hubs
• Family Football festivals

This project will be a continuation of previous Malta FA inclusion projects, namely Include Me, All In, Play Football Live Football.

Peter Busuttil, Malta FA’s FSR Director, said that ‘this project is one of the Malta FA’s efforts to make football socially inclusive and is an essential part of our Football Social Responsibility strategy. He explained that this is one of many projects that the Malta FA has embarked on in the past five years. He stated that the Malta FA has received assistance from SEM (Servizzi Ewropej f’ Malta) to develop this project and to fill in the necessary application forms to apply for funding.

SEM has assisted the Malta FA in applying for three other projects which were all chosen by the European Commission and funding for these projects has been granted.