Stories from Malta, football is a money maker

Football is a very popular sport globally and it attracts massive financial investments, sponsorships and endorsement deals. A lot of revenue is being earned through broadcasting rights and shirt sales. Buying and selling of players is also another lucrative football-related transaction. Most of the smaller nations who are way down the perking order of the FIFA world rankings make a lot of money through exporting their finest players abroad to the rich European elite clubs. Most local clubs in countries such as Malta usually include a clause in the contract of the players they are selling that stipulates that they will get a small percentage of any future sales of their local talent to other clubs in Europe. This ensures that the parent club selling the player will always benefit from the future transactions involving the player they groomed and nurtured with their own resources.

Although Malta does not appear to have many high-profile talented players who ply their trade for European elite clubs; they do have a few players they have exported to the lower divisions of popular European nations such England and Italy. This means that the Maltese clubs that exported these players made a fortune from selling their home-grown talent to clubs from abroad. Many soccer fans go wild with anticipation during the off-season transfer window as soccer clubs around Europe buy and sell players. These transfer windows are followed with the same enthusiasm as the live soccer matches on television. Football enthusiasts can enjoy following the soccer transfer window while browsing through a few exciting casino games on real money casino USA licensed brands. Many big clubs send scouts to smaller nations such as Malta where they hope to buy cheap raw soccer talent at a bargain price and sell it off to bigger rich clubs at a huge profit. This is where soccer agents in Malta can be vigilant and capitalise on the desperation that some of these big rich elite European clubs have when they enter the transfer window. Soccer agents and scouts can spend long hours in negotiations with big clubs. This would be an opportunity for the agents to try out some casino games on leroijohnny casino en ligne while they wait to close their transfer deals on a busy day.