Dr Joseph Muscat appointed chairman of MPFCA

Premier League clubs have appointed Dr Joseph Muscat as Chairman of the Malta Professional Football Clubs Association (MPFCA).

In a statement, the association which brings together Premier League clubs said that Dr Muscat will be leading the MPFCA to implement reforms that will lead to the formation of an organization that runs the Premier League separately from the Malta Football Association (MFA), in agreement with the MFA, in line with the strategy of the Malta FA.

The clubs took a secret ballot with the result being 7 votes in favour, 4 votes against and 3 abstentions. Therefore the vote passed and was accepted by all clubs.

The association said that the changes that will be introduced will make the Premier League more professional and sustainable, attract more people as spectators in stadiums and on television, lead to greater solidarity and investment in young players, involve more women in leadership and make Maltese clubs more competitive at European level.

The statement said that Dr Muscat will begin to lead this process of change, with discussions with the Malta FA beginning in the near future.

Meanwhile in a statement, Dr Muscat thanked the Premier League clubs for approaching him and voting in favour of his appointment as chairman.

He explained that his role will be to jointly design and carry out an ambitious but feasible reform project, which will modernize the highest Maltese football league.

Dr Muscat said that the objectives should include:

  1. Premier League clubs become more sustainable and a concept of solidarity is introduced.
  2. Generate more business and independent revenue.
  3. Attract more interest and supporters both on television and especially at the stadiums.
  4. Invest more in young talent and also attract new talent, in consultation with the association representing the players.
  5. There will be diversity in the management of clubs, inter alia with the active involvement of more women.
  6. A plan will be made so that in a few years Maltese clubs will be able to challenge at a higher level than they are doing today in European competitions.