150 players participate in Malta FA Strength and Conditioning project

The Malta FA Under-19, Under-18, Under-17, Under-16 and Under-15 teams took part in the Malta FA Strength and Conditioning Project.  In total, approximately 150 players took part in this project that was administered by the Malta FA Technical Centre.

This player centred approach project was complemented with an individual technical, tactical programme to ultimately enhance the physical performance of the player. 

The aim behind this 6-week long programme was to improve the fitness and technical skills of the athletes through a multifactorial approch which included mental training and nutrition support. 

The programme commenced in mid-June and ended in the first week of August.  Sessions were held between Mondays and Saturdays with Sundays being considered as rest days. 

Throught this project,  youth national team players attended indoor (gym based) and outdoor (pitch based) sessions. An individualised approach was adopted during these sessions following the first profiling tests carried out prior to the start of the project.

Players were closely monitored, and the Performance Department kept full and proper records.  Since the main objective of this programme is to optimise performance which was underpinned by sound scientific principles and data analytics, player profiling for selected players followed by individual programmes will continue after the end of this project. The ultimate aim is to optimise the performance both at club and national team level.