Clean up activity by Senglea nursery

Young players and committee members of the Senglea nursery recently took part in a cleaning up activity at a historical cave situated in Senglea.
The cave, known as Villa Davis’ Cave and which used to be part of the residence of Grand Master De Homedes, is currently in an abandoned state. 
The Senglea Nursery decided to participate in the Clean Localities Campaign organised by the Senglea Local Council, as part of the campaign organised by the Parliamentary Secretariat for Public Dialogue and Information, and took this opportunity to clean up this cave, paint its gate and embellish its surroundings. 
Representatives from Wirt Artna paid a visit to the players and committee members of Senglea Nursery during this activity and remained impressed with the beauty and the size of this cave. 
Nursery President Stephen Spiteri said he intends to ask the Senglea Mayor to allow the Nursery to take care of the cave so that it remains in the well-kept state it deserves. The nursery will be asking the authorities to carry out professional restoration of the cave. 
Apart from the cleaning of the cave, the Senglea youths also cleaned and removed weeds all along Sirene Street, Marina Street from the Macina to the Ponta and the area surrounding the Ponta Ground.
The objective of this activity was for Senglea youngsters to learn to appreciate more the city they live in and be proud of the historical sites Senglea has to offer.