Hibernians FC committee re-elected

During the club’s Annual General Meeting which was held on Tuesday, the committee of Hibernians FC has been re-elected, which for the 32nd year running will be headed by President Mr. Tony Bezzina. The other confirmed members are: Mr. David Abdilla, Mr. Stephen Abela, Mr. Jesmond Abela, Mr. Victor Ellul and Mr. Stefan Zahra respectively. Official roles shall be assigned in the first meeting of the club’s executive committee.

Delivering an address to all attendees, Mr. Tony Bezzina announced that a plot of land situated adjacent to the Corradino sports complex shall become the property of the club as soon as it gets transferred from the government. Plans regarding its utilization and development shall be announced after the transfer will be completed. The President thanked Hon. Dr. Jason Azzopardi who was the person behind this move.

Regarding the team, President Bezzina stated that, following the evaluation of the team’s performance last season, the club is working to solve the issues we had and to see that the decisions taken are implemented in the coming days. He said that when considering the investments done, last year’s final position is unacceptable. Mr. Bezzina added that the club’s aim has always been to challenge for honours, and that the committee intends to have four foreign players this year.

Before the President’s speech, the Supporters Club Committee presented him with a new trophy showcase, which was made by members of the committee and other volunteers. This is to commemorate the record set by the U15, U17, U19 and the senior teams in season 2008/09 as well as a souvenir to Hibernians by the Supporters Club of this historic achievement.

The Executive Committee would like to thank all members and helpers who were always behind the club and who maintained their invaluable service despite the negative season.