Statement by MFA regarding BOV Premier League matches filming contract

The Malta Football Association issued a statement with regards to comments about the television rights for BOV Premier League matches.

The MFA stated that negotiations were carried out in a most transparent manner with all television stations concerned.

The association confirmed that negotiations with ONE Productions Limited and other television stations are documented by correspondence sent by and to the association and these stations.

The MFA stated that:
On the 25th September, following a request by MFA Treasurer Antoine Portelli, the Sales, Marketing and PR Manager of ONE Productions Limited presented an offer on behalf of the company.

While negotiations were still underway, Portelli wrote to the Sales, Marketing and PR Manager of ONE Productions Limited and Executive Chairman Jason Micallef on the 2nd October, telling them that their first proposal was high and suggested the presentation of a lower offer, by telling them “Please come back with a fairer offer.”

The following day, Jason Micallef told Antoine Portelli that ONE Productions Limited were going to present a counter-proposal. The counter-proposal by ONE Productions Limited was sent on the 6th October.

The association stressed that the selection process was transparent and discussed in the highest organs of the association, namely the Bureau, Executive Committee and finally reported to the Council where this was approved. These procedures are in accordance with the regulations of the Malta Football Association.